Shameful Inhumanity

In the news the past few days:

• Fire at California Mosque was Intentionally Set in Possible Hate Crime (NBC News 12-11-2015)
• Two Muslim Women Attacked in Tampa (The Express Tribune 12-12-2015)
• Pig’s Head Left at Philadelphia Mosque (CNN 12-09-2015)
• Armed “Patriots” Turn Protests Toward Muslim Americans (Associated Press 12-11-2015)
• The Alabama KKK is Recruiting to “Fight the Spread of Islam” (International Business Times 12-05-2015)
• Passenger Rants About Islamic State Before Shooting Muslim Taxi Driver in Back (The Washington Post 11-30-2015)
• Muslim Student Upset After Gwinnett Teacher Asks If She Has A Bomb (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12-11-2015)

The list goes on, but you get the picture. This, my friends, is the environment that the rhetoric by the political right wing and the media has created. I hang my head in shame at being a part of the human race tonight.

I have always thought the First Amendment guaranteeing the right to freedom of speech, freedom of press was a good idea … a great idea, even. Now? I’m not so sure. I am coming to view this “right” in much the same way I view the 2nd Amendment “right” to bear arms … it is a right that is so often abused that perhaps it should no longer be a right. I think the framers of the Constitution were operating under the false assumption that citizens of the U.S. would use their rights to make this a better nation, to promote the idea that “all men are created equal”, to lead us to “truth and justice” and would exercise at least a modicum of humanity and common sense. But alas, that was some 225 years ago and much has changed since then. My fear is that the sampling of incidents listed above is merely the beginning of what may become a horrible trend in this nation during the coming year. I blame the gaggle of presidential wanna-be’s certainly, but primarily Donald Trump who has put forth one and only one policy platform, and that is one based on extreme bigotry toward Mexicans and Muslims. Even more, I blame the media for the feeding frenzy. Journalists have a job to do, which is to keep the public informed of the things they need to know. That does not mean that their job is to stir and incite hatred by producing 24-hour news showing a single candidate over and over and over again screaming about how we must hate people based solely on their religion. And even more than the “mainstream” media, I blame the “social media”. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have done nothing but magnify the rhetoric far out of proportion, magnify the lies put forth by the politicians, and incite some to extreme violence.

Yet there is still more blame to go around. Does anybody reading this (if anybody is) actually think that committing hate crimes against our Muslim community is okay? Probably not, as most of my followers are pretty reasonable people, but if anybody reading this thinks this hatred is okay … please let me know how you justify that … I am really curious. The bulk of the blame, my friends, is on us. The politicians can rant, and the press can and does exercise poor judgement along with their 1st Amendment rights, but if we use our own minds and let our consciences guide us, we will understand that this is not the right thing to do. There is not a single word in the U.S. Constitution that gives us a right to attack anyone based on their religion. There is no law on the books that gives us the right to set fire to a religious building or to shoot an innocent citizen. Does anybody remember the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963? Is this any different? Did we, as a nation, learn absolutely nothing in the past 50+ years? Many of the regular followers of this blog reside on the other side of the globe, and they are always amazed at how violent the U.S. has become, how lax our policies on increasingly-lethal weapons, and how we turn a blind eye to it all. The real problem, as I see it, is that we no longer take the time and effort to read, to dig for facts, and then to use our own brains to think for ourselves. Apparently it is much easier to troll social media sites for memes that put forth the opinions of others, then take those opinions as our own. Apparently rather than dust the cobwebs off of our own brains, we prefer to be followers, always believing what somebody else tells us we ought to believe. So yes, there is plenty of blame to go around, but ultimately the buck stops here … on my shoulders and on yours.

3 thoughts on “Shameful Inhumanity

  1. the problem is people are reacting out of fear, and frustration, the masses have come to fear and outright hate Islam , because almost every terrorist attack from 9/11 forward has been carried out by Islamic radicals , people who have a deep seated hatred to anyone who is not a Muslim , the masses are blinded by fear and frustration they do not see that it is a extremist minority , they do not see the millions of Muslims who have been killed by these extremists , mainstream media does not report those murders, which only they only report on the christians and non muslims who get killed , and that fuels the masses fears , they are frustrated because they do not see Muslims standing up to these extremists, they are frustrated because the government and all it’s military might won’t go in and once and for all take out every terrorist due to collateral damage , collateral damage is all that separates the war machines from the terrorists , the extremists do not care about collateral damage ( innocents being killed) while most of the world armies do care ( with the possible exception of Russia ) … Russia also fuels the masses frustrations, the world sees Russia’s armies doing what the rest won’t , again what they do not see is the millions of innocent syrians Russia is also killing.

    There are other reasons why the majority feel frustrated but I hesitate to say because I do not want to sound like a bigot or a xenophobe .

    one of the big things that triggered an anti Islam mentality in Canada was when a Muslim lady who had just arrived in Canada , took the government to court to demand her right to wear a niqab that covered her face during the citizenship she refused to remove it so the people who swear in folks who are immigrating to Canada could match her Identification with the person , the government understood that many Muslim ladies do not ever show their faces to men outside of their own families and husbands, they offered to remove the male officials and have the Muslim lady sworn in by another female official, …. the muslim lady refused , Canadians got angry, very angry , and well when people get angry or fearful , ( it was seen as outright defiance of Canadian laws and heritage ) they react badly, common sense goes out the window , and a them or us mentality takes over .

    Now that Muslim lady lives somewhere in Ontario in fear for her life , her actions have made life difficult for other Muslims who live here , most of us know that the majority of Muslims are no different than anyone else, that they are not terrorists, or potential terrorists , most of us would never intentionally say or do anything to cause a Muslim person to feel fear or feel like they are anything but equal…. again mainstream media will never report on that fact, instead they focus on the idiots who want to mistreat fellow human beings for simply believing in the islamic faith.

    I truly fear that it is only going to get worse for Muslim folks, far far worse , as it did for the Japanese during WWII , it is the ignorance of a hate and fear mongering minority and politicians like Trump and others who fuel this hate , they become more and more brazen…. Trump goes on national television and gives what borders on hate speech to the masses, no one arrrests him, there are no repercussions, gun toting “protesters” openly show aggression towards the Muslim communities with their loaded assault weapons …. the law does not intervene , they grow bolder as time passes , sooner or later some gun toting idiot will get trigger happy and sadly innocent people will die simply because of their faith.

    and all this just makes it that much easier for the Daesh (ISIS) to recruit and radicalize young Muslims …. after all if you are young and feel hated by your own country, and someone half a world away is telling you see… see how the west treats you and your families, what will happen when you have children ? it is easy to understand why the young folks get frustrated and join isis or carry out attacks in the west ….. the western civilization is doing exactly what the Daesh want them to do, live in fear, and react badly towards all Muslim folks …. trouble is … the west is too stupid to understand that ….. not all of us are ignorant and stupid, some of us see what is happening and who is to blame, it is not you or the majority of the Muslim folks that reside here , it is the radical Isis , some of us are aware that those who would burn Mosques , insult, harrass, or harm a person simply because they are Muslim…. are really no better than those who are Isis … the idiots who would hate and fear a person simply for being Muslim… are in my eyes ISIS incarnate …. they behave exactly the same , minus the murders ( yet) …. they are the ones who are making the world unsafe for all of us , both Muslims and non Muslims are at risk as long as these idiots are allowed to get away with their hate crimes, as I said , these fear mongering idiots like Trump and the gun toting protesters etc are just doing exactly what Isis wants them to do , in a sense… Isis has already won, they have struck fear and hate into peoples hearts , they have divided nations, they have turned people against neighbour , they have made Barbarians out of the buffoons… all from half a world away .

    I have fear for you and your husband and family, I worry that some idiot will try to harm you all , please just remember , not all of us have lost our minds, there are a great many of us who do not wish anyone harm , do not hate or fear Muslims , just as not all muslims are terrorists, not all westerners or Europeans are hate/fear mongering idiots .

    please be safe .

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    • Thank you for your insightful comments! It has been my experience that, while every individual is different and each is responsible for his/her own actions, overall Canadians tend to be more tolerant than people in the U.S. In fact, I have sworn that if Trump is elected president next year, I am moving to Canada! At any rate, thank you for your concern for me and my family, but no worries … we are fine. Have a happy holiday!


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