I Beg of You … Please Read This!

Okay folks, now I am mad!  And when Filosofa gets mad, let the sparks fly.

  • At a campaign event in Birmingham, Ala., on Saturday, Nov. 21 2015, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump demands the removal of a well-known activist Mercutio Southall Jr. after he shouts, “Black lives matter!” (Reuters) Trump’s response: “maybe he should have been roughed up.” At one point, Southall fell to the ground and was surrounded by several white men who appeared to be kicking and punching him, according to video captured by CNN.  Southall was apparently shouting “black lives matter” and “dump the Trump” amidst the crowd, and was wearing a BLM (Black Lives Matter) shirt.
  • Donald Trump supporters shout racial slurs, Nazi salute at protester in Las Vegas rally: ‘It felt like a mob’. (New York Times, Dec. 15, 2015) As the guards drag the heckler out, protesters are heard yelling “Shoot him!” and “Kick his a–!”  One man caught on camera barks the Nazi salute, “Sieg heil!” and appears to shoot his right hand into the air.

In neither of these cases did Trump do or say anything to stop the brutality, nor did he express regret or remorse.

Where did the First Amendment Freedom of Speech get de-railed?  Southall was protesting Donald Trump, a political candidate who has exhibited racism, bigotry and pure hatred in the past.  Whether you are a Trump supporter or not, whether you support the #Black Lives Matter movement or not, is all irrelevant for the purposes of this conversation.  The only things that matter here are the facts.  The facts are that Mr. Southall and others were protesting, peacefully, and he was beaten and cursed, actions which were lauded by the candidate Trump and his supporters.

In the 1930’s, Adolph Hitler, an unlikely candidate, a racist and a bigot, rose to the highest power in the German nation.  The main reason he was able to do so was because the German people were sick and tired of the status quo.  War bonds that had been sold to the German people to finance the war were now worthless.  Food and other resources had been diverted to the war effort.  Germany was struggling under the burden of war debt, and then came the Treaty of Versailles.  Harsh reparations had been imposed on the nation for its role in World War I and the German people were suffering greatly as a result.  Jobs were scarce, food was scarce.  In addition, there was a worldwide economic depression.  The German people had lost confidence in their government, the Weimar Republic, to be able to help them through these times.  The environment was fertile for the rise in power of the Nazi party. Although not particularly well-educated, Hitler’s oratory skills and anti-Semitism gained him the spotlight where he caught the eye of the DAP, the German Worker’s Party.  He attracted large numbers of Germans who were disenchanted and desperate for change … any change from the status quo.  The Nazis appealed especially to the young, unemployed and members of the lower middle class.  To make a long story short, because this is a blog post and not a history book, Hitler rode the wave of popular support to the Chancellorship of the German nation.  Was there opposition to his bigotry, his anti-Semitism?  Sure, but they were not successful, as they were rapidly silenced by Hitler’s thugs, his bodyguards, the thugs known as the Stormtroopers or Brown Shirts, who got their start defending his rallies.  They “roughed up” people who protested or disagreed with Hitler, they pushed, shoved and threw out his rivals.

Does some of this sound familiar?  Hitler believed in the superiority of white-skinned nationalists, just as does Trump. Hitler was actually a more polished speaker than Trump, but the message was basically the same.  Hitler swore to restore Germany to its previous glory, as Trump is promising to do for the U.S. today, and Hitler brooked no resistance, no protests, tolerated nobody who disagreed with his policies and methods, just as Trump today.  In 1930’s Germany, the people were tired, they were angry, they wanted change … any change and seemingly at any cost, just as the American people of the 21st century.  Hitler was a bigot, a racist and a cruel dictator.  Donald trump is no different.  The difference is that we will be holding free elections in just under ten months and we have the freedom to choose.  If you think that the Constitution and our democratic system of government will prevent Donald Trump from becoming the ruthless dictator that Adolph Hitler became some 83 years ago, think again.  Donald Trump does not want to be the president of a democratic nation where he works in conjunction with two other branches of government to implement policies for the good of the nation.  Donald Trump intends to rule the nation with an iron fist and if the people of the United States do not wake up and realize the danger this man poses, he may get the opportunity to do just that.

It started with Mr. Southall, or even before him, but unless We The People put a stop to it, it will not end there. I am waiting for Mr. Trump to come to my city.  I will be there, I will be wearing my BLM shirt, and I will not be quiet.  Let Mr. T sic his thugs on me, and the next day let the headlines read “65 year-old woman brutally beaten by Trump bodyguards as Trump says “she probably deserved it, crazy old bitch”!  I will have gone down fighting for what I actually believe in, fighting for what is right.  Some things are worth fighting for, worth giving your life for, and if we forget that, then yes, we deserve what we get.

10 thoughts on “I Beg of You … Please Read This!

  1. Excellent post. I find that most of the Trump rabble–certainly those
    I know–have a very superficial understanding of government, the economy,
    diplomacy, or anything nuanced. They have opinions, spoon fed to them by
    fox news, Limbaugh, and that ilk, but no data or comprehension of what
    should be informing those opinions. It is difficult to debate against willful,
    lazy ignorance. The sad thing is that Germany actually was in a bad way–the
    desperation there was palpable, and one can understand the dynamic that led
    to Hitler’s rise to power. In the US right now, things aren’t really that
    bad–the economy is growing, unemployment dropping–and even at it’s nadir,
    we experienced nothing like the economic disasters that shaped the world–and
    Germany especially–in the 20s and 30s. The grievances of Clan Trump are for
    the most part petty and misplaced–white straight self-styled Christians
    grousing about their diminished, but in no way destroyed, primacy.

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    • Glad you like the post! Some did, some didn’t … one thing I will say about the trumpeter … he stirs strong feelings, people either love him or hate him and there is no middle ground. I just hope people wake up and rub the sleep out of their eyes so they can see clearly what a bully, a buffoon he is before November!


  2. Oh dear. Well, I hope the American people will be a bit smarter than the Germans in the 1930s… I mean, one should really think times have changed, information is so much more easy to get… But of course information only helps if you want to see it. And let it enter your head. (And if there is something in your head to work with the information… but let’s not get too sarcastic now…) What gives me hope is that there is at least one big difference between the American people now and the German people then: For the Germans the Weimar Republic was their first shot at democracy – until 1919 they had been ruled by all kinds of monarchs, whereas you guys have kicked out the Empire centuries ago. Which of course does not make the American people great politics automatically, but I still hope the idea of a “strong man” is less appealing to them than it was to the Germans in 1930…. As I said, one can only hope…

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    • Oh heck yes … let’s get sarcastic!!! 😀 I can always count on you to make me smile! But seriously, yes, information is much easier to get than it was even 10 years ago, but there are two problems, as I see it: a) there is SO MUCH information that it tends to overwhelm, and b) for every bit of reliable information available, there are 25 bits of MIS-information. People seem to take the “path of least resistance” and choose to believe whatever is put before them on Facebook, Twitter or whatever, rather than take time to research on their own and find the truth. This, I think, frightens me most and may be the thing that keeps me writing in hopes of providing a counterweight to at least some of the misinformation. I do hope that in November people actually think for themselves and make some wise choices, but I do not like the tone in this country right now. It is ugly … vicious, even … and I wonder what the next several months are going to bring about. One thing is that I never lack for something to write about! Thanks for your comments … I always look forward to them!


  3. Ugh, yes. Nazi and Hitler comparisons are very often made in jest, but this is a very legitimate comparison and one that I’m glad people have been seeing more and more recently – but not enough. Trump is a bully and runs on a platform of hate and fear. Hitler wanted to make Germany great again and he convinced everyone that specific groups of systematically oppressed people were to blame. Quite scary. Good post.

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