Bits ‘n Pieces from the Cobwebs of My Mind …

Back when I first started this blog several years ago, the sub-title was “bits ‘n pieces from the corners of my mind”.  I dropped that a few months ago, but still, sometimes I get the urge to just post a conglomeration of tidbits rather than a single post about a single topic.  I have been feeling slightly off the last few days, not really motivated to write, yet feeling guilty for not writing, knowing there is so much I want to say, but just not in the mood to say it.  So tonight, as I was trolling the news stories, I came across a few things that wouldn’t make a good post by themselves, but either made me laugh or shake my head, so I thought I would do a “bits ‘n pieces” post.


  • A picture of a potato sold for €1,000,000 (USD #1,086,950). I looked at the picture and am still scratching my head and asking “why?”.  Take a look yourself and let me know how much you would pay for this picture.  Personally I wouldn’t pay $0.50 at a yard sale for it, but then I am not known for being a connoisseur of art.
  • The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has awarded a certificate to British filmmaker Charlie Lyne for a 607-minute film of … paint drying! Yes, folks … the BBFC had to sit through the entire 607 minutes in order to award the certificate classifying the film as a documentary!  For the mathematically challenged, that is just over ten hours.  “The BBFC confirmed it had awarded the movie a U certificate along with a note warning that the description of the film “may contain spoilers”. It also read: “Paint Drying is a film showing paint drying on a wall. It contains no material likely to offend or harm.”
  • I never cared much for opera … “Police in Amsterdam responded to a domestic violence call Tuesday night after residents thought they heard someone screaming in pain. When officers arrived at the scene, they kicked a large hole in the door to let themselves in—only to find that the man inside was not crying out in pain. He was simply an opera singer, practicing with headphones on.” (Grossman, 2016) That said, when I am doing mundane things like household chores, I plug in the earbuds and sing at the top of my lungs while dancing with mop/broom/vacuum!  So far, nobody has called the police, although I am pretty sure my granddaughter would like to some days.
  • You know how some obituaries have a line in them asking “in lieu of flowers please send a donation to … “? Well, last week Jeffrey Cohen, a Pittsburgh chiropractor, died at age 70.  His obituary included the following: “ … in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump”.  (Agrawal, 2016)
  • This CNN headline is from back in 2013, but still a classic: “Man armed with bat and knife attempts to rob a gun store — he fails”.  Duh.


Okay, so I hope this post provided you with some comic relief from the gloom and doom of the election and other news around the world.  Though I must admit that I did find some humour today in the story about Trump planning to boycott tomorrow’s debate because he “doesn’t like” Megyn Kelly, one of the debate moderators.  But that is a story for another day and frankly I just didn’t feel like writing about that obnoxious buffoon today!  Maybe tomorrow …

2 thoughts on “Bits ‘n Pieces from the Cobwebs of My Mind …

  1. Ha! 🙂 I had read the one about the potato (some people just have too much money for their own good) and heard about the brick-wall movie (I think the idea of the film maker was to torture the people of the classification board). The others were new to me and made me snigger… I LOVE the one about about the obituary!! But the thing which made me laugh out loud was the phrase “obnoxious buffoon” 🙂 Good one!

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    • So glad I made you laugh! That was my goal … to step away, albeit briefly, from the dark material that I usually write about and make somebody laugh! I actually have a collection of various names I use to refer to that person … obnoxious buffoon just flowed from the tips of the fingers at that particular moment! 🙂 And yes, regarding the potato pick … I was first aghast, then stunned, thinking what I could do with that money … how many people I could feed for a month with what this man spent to buy a picture of a bloomin’ potato!!! A dirty, ugly potato, at that! Sheesh.


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