Still Cleaning Out Cobwebs …

More tidbits, since I am still awaiting the arrival of a replacement part for my brain, as I clean out cobwebs:

  • At least it isn’t Monday. When I woke up this morning, I thought it was Saturday, and I was happy.  Though I am retired, Saturday is still a special day in my house.  It means that my daughter, Chris, is home.  First, we enjoy having her home, but also, second, it means that she takes care of the morning chores of scooping the kitty litter boxes, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, and taking out the trash.  Third, it means we will probably be going out to eat and to the local Barnes & Noble bookstore in the afternoon.  So Saturday is special.  But … then I put on my glasses and looked at my phone that seemed to have a smirk on its face as it informed me that it is Thursday, January 28th, 2016.    But then … it could be worse … it could be Monday!  Hit the snooze button … maybe in another 15 minutes it will be Saturday?
  • There are, as best I can figure, though I am having trouble keeping up with the roster, twelve republican candidates still in the 2016 presidential race (why are Fiorina and Carson still there?). One thing that none of them seem to understand is that they are going to be competing, if you will, against either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders (and possibly Michael Bloomberg, should he decide to run as an independent candidate).  They will not in any way, shape or form, be competing against the incumbent, President Barack Obama.  These twelve individuals are really confused!  They must honestly believe that their main competition is President Obama, as their ads, their rhetoric and their biases all point to what they call the “failed presidency” of President Obama.  WHY???  He is what is called a “lame duck”, meaning he has little power to make decisions beyond what will be effected during the next eleven months or so.  Why are they so concerned with trying to convince the public that President Obama is the root of all evil?  Shouldn’t they be focusing on trying to prove their worth vis a vis Clinton and Sanders?
  • So, Donald Trump was not in tonight’s GOP debate on Fox? I didn’t watch it, but not because of anything to do with Trump … I haven’t watched any of them because I find that I cannot sit idly watching a small rectangular box without either shooting (that’s shooting, not shouting) or other fun action taking place on said box.  I find that I am better able to understand what is said by reading the transcript (many, many thanks to The Washington Post for providing me with annotated and accurate transcripts for every debate) the day after the dust has settled.  That said, I was happy to hear that Trump was bowing out of this debate … perhaps the other candidates actually had their voices heard (not that they had anything of value to say) with the head trumpeter not on stage.  And on this topic, I am curious as to how that trumpeter thinks he will deal with Vladimir Putin, Bashir al Assad, Kim Jong-Un and the rest if he cannot even bear to face journalist Megyn Kelly for two hours!  But … so be it.  He did himself no favours, but perhaps did Ted Cruz a small favour by not showing up.
  • If, as most are predicting now, Donald Trump (the aforementioned trumpeter) should gain the GOP nomination later this year, who will be his running mate? This seems to be a burning question in the “enquiring minds that want to know”.  (Yes, I am feeling very snarky tonight, in case you are just now noticing).  I am thinking that there is some reason that Sarah Palin, the “Bimbo Who Came In From The Cold”, so vigorously endorsed Trump, and that is that she is still hoping to be a VP.  Trump-Palin … Clown-Bimbo … Buffoon-Floozy … I don’t know … just none of these really work for me.  Guess we will just have to wait and see.  Other choices besides Palin?  (Oh please, please, please that there ARE some other choices!) … Cruz-Christie … Cruz-Kasich … Rubio-Paul ???
  • Tiger Lily, the Evil Kitty … lives in our home. She is a beautiful, very petite, part-Persian grey/black tiger-striped two year-old kitty.  She is beautiful … on the outside.  She is pure evil on the inside.  She begs to be petted … puts her adorable, furry head right under your hand, just begging for a stroke or two, a bit of attention.  But BEWARE!!!  As soon as you touch her fur you are DOOMED!  I have the scars to prove it.  Anyone need a companion of the furry sort?

As I may have mentioned earlier, I am in a snarky mood tonight, and most of the above probably reflects that mood.  In large part it is due to the constant and steady flow of political “news” that passes in front of my eyes in the course of the day.  In part it is because I woke up thinking it was Saturday when it was really only Thursday.  In part it is because I ate too much fried rice for dinner, and in part it is just because I am a human being who is daily confronted with the same limitations we all face from time to time and sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, this bothers me.  At any rate … until tomorrow … thanks for checking in here and I will try to post something more meaningful tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Still Cleaning Out Cobwebs …

  1. The funny thing is, as I am reading this it is Friday morning. So for a moment you got me confused with all this Saturday-Thursday thoughts… 😉 Reason is of course that you wrote your post in the evening in the US, and I am reading it in the morning in Europe.
    Actually I am lucky today, because although it is Friday it feels like Saturday: the boys are off from school today (some sort of teacher study day), so we are having an easy morning. No alarm clocks, no lunch boxes to fill. At the moment they are watching the half-final in Melbourne on the TV and I have time to hop around the internet… The best thing is – tomorrow will really be Saturday! 🙂

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