Of Pigs and Skunks and A Town Called Swett …

As we all know (Oh How Well We Know) the New Hampshire primaries were held this past Tuesday.  Voters from all over the state of New Hampshire turned out, despite the snow.  Most came into the polling stations on two legs, but one strange looking voter waddled in on all fours.  I don’t know his name, but he was likely memorable to all who saw him, as he weighed 600 pounds and was rather a swine if you will.  He was a swine in fact.  Yep, folks, a pig.  Apparently he had escaped from a farm in nearby Pelham and headed straight to the local high school which was being used as a polling station that day.  Now it may well be that he didn’t realize it was primary day and thought to learn a bit about Shakespeare or computer coding or astronomy.  But my theory is that he knew exactly what he was doing and that he went there to vote for the one candidate that he most resembled (I will leave it to you to figure that one out)!  Police were called to the scene, but the pig wouldn’t go quietly. He started poking at the police officers, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

“He was nudging with an open mouth, but there was no broken skin and no ripped clothing,” Milford Police Capt. Stephen Toom told the newspaper.

In a comment, Steve McNamara · CEO / Creative Director at AdCracker said, “There’s no stopping a determined Trump supporter.”


What would you do if you saw a skunk walking around with an orange juice carton on its head?  Run as fast as your legs would take you, right?  We once had a cat who was sprayed by a skunk and let me tell you, that smell stays around for a long, long time.  We tried all the old-wives-tale remedies like bathing him in tomato juice, and all we ended up with was a huge mess and a still-stinky cat.  (We finally found a product called “Skunk-Away” that worked miracles except in the area of his eyes).  Regardless, these days when I see a skunk, I slink away slowly with my hands up in the air!  But in Ocean Gate, New Jersey, when a skunk got his head stuck in an orange juice carton behind a local fast food restaurant, officer Jonathan Whitney of the Ocean Gate Police Department risked life, limb and schnoz to rescue the poor little guy.

“I wanted to help it,” Whitney told a local reporter. Whitney recorded himself as he tried to figure out how to help the animal, I think so there would be a record of it in case he didn’t make it out alive.

“Come here buddy,” Whitney crooned to the skunk. “You got to get this off your head, man.”

The situation was especially tense for the officer given the fact that he had already been sprayed by a skunk prior to the recorded encounter.

“I know how bad it was to get sprayed,” Whitney said. “My heart was racing the entire time.”

Despite his nervousness, Whitney knew he had to act quickly.

“I realized that if I didn’t take it off, there was no way he was going to get that thing off,” Whitney said.

Whitney was finally able to remove the juice carton and the skunk scurried away. Whitney then smiled in front of the camera celebrating the successful rescue.

You can see the video clip of Whitey and the skunk here:  http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Ocean-Gate-Police-Skunk-Orange-Juice-Carton-New-Jersey–353082031.html


Ever hear of Swett, South Dakota?  Me either, but it is up for sale for the ridiculously low price of only a quarter of a million dollars!  A whole town for only $250,000!  I never thought much about South Dakota … Don’t know much about it beyond the fact that the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore are there.  But heck, you can’t beat the price … for a whole town!  It was originally placed on the market in June 2014, for a price of $399,000, but when it still hadn’t sold in December 2015, they lowered the price by 37%!  The town is roughly six acres ($49,000 per acre) and includes a tavern, a three-bedroom house (just one, as best I can figure), a tire shop (closed) and even its own watering hole!  It is located approximately 100 miles southeast of Rapid City, South Dakota.  In the 1940’s, when the population of Swett was at its peak (40 residents), there was also a post office and a grocery store.  Not sure what happened to them, though.  If you are in doubt and need something to sweeten the pot, the town also comes with a practically brand new town sign, courtesy of the state, to replace the previous one that was riddled with bullet holes.  I don’t know, though … I don’t think I care about the sign, as if I buy this town I am pretty sure I will change its name!  If you want to learn more about South Dakota before making a final decision, http://awesomeamerica.com/southdakota/.  If anybody is interested in going in with me on it, please leave a comment or just shoot me an e-mail!

6 thoughts on “Of Pigs and Skunks and A Town Called Swett …

  1. Oh, that pig line is a classic. As for cats and skunks–oh, my. We have an old dog who has been skunked 8 times at least, but she always sits patiently in the old concrete work tub in the basement while I scrub her with successive coatings of of tomato juice and peppermint oil, the last of which camoflages as well as it’s acids break down the rather alkali skunk oil. The cat would tear my arm off if I tried to was her. Finally, I’ve been through Swett. A couple of hovels, some trailers, and a run down bar. No thanks.

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      • I used to drive cross country a couple times a year and liked to find alternate routes on secondary roads. Route 18 (if I recall, not bothering to verify my memory) cuts along the hem of South Dakota–it is bright, wide open grassland–Swett is not far from Wounded Knee, where I was heading,on my way to Custer, SD then heading onward. No white tourists but me on the res that day, I got a lot of brooding stares even though I didn’t take pictures or act overtly disrespectful. I was scared, and probably with good reason.


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