A Short Tale of Two Playground Bullies

Picture two little boys playing on the school playground at recess.  Little Donnie, pudgy, red-faced, unkempt and known as the 3rd grade bully.  Big Mittie, tall, enigmatic, and known as the 5th grade bully.

Little Donnie:  My daddy has more money than yours.  I’m gonna beat you up.  Your sister is uglier than a toad.  Everybody loves me.  Nobody likes you.  You are dirty doo-doo.  My daddy is gonna beat up your daddy.

Big Mittie:  Shut up, kid and go home.  You are dumb and stupid.  I am gonna stomp you into dirt.

Little Donnie:  Oh YEAH?  Well I am better than you ‘cause my daddy says so.  I can bring a gun to school and shoot you and everybody will still love me.

And it goes on and on until finally they both end up in the principal’s office.

Sadly, in U.S. politics there is no principal (nor principle), no principal’s office, not even a playground monitor, so it would seem.  There are no limits to what can be said on the political scene.  This is one of the less desirable legacies of the 1st amendment to the constitution.  Public speech relies on the conscience and good sense of the speaker to rein in improper and inappropriate speech. Who is the loser in the brawl?  Both.  But the biggest loser is the voting public, and ultimately every man, woman and child in the nation, both citizen and non-citizen.

That is all I will say on this topic.

11 thoughts on “A Short Tale of Two Playground Bullies

  1. Maybe we should put them all back into the sand pit, give them coloured plastic shovels and let them hit each other over the head with them. Throw a bit of sand maybe. Maybe if they have done that long enough, they will be ready to grow up and behave like adults.

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  2. hmmmm..I see a paradox here… the Voters are saying they want a certain candidate to be their party’s POTUS. BUT at the same time the official Party of their choice is saying NO NO NO. Its like asking your kids what they want for their birthday–then telling them they must choose something else. What is wrong with this picture?

    Is this rule by representation…or rule by the Power Guys??

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    • The GOP never wanted Trump, but they were too divided to get their act together and stop him when they could. Now they are in a panic, as Trump will prove to be, I think, the straw that broke the camel’s back. The party started a downward spiral with the tea party movement and this may be the end of the “Grand” Ol’ Party. They are grasping at straws. If they are wise, they will elect new party leaders and settle on a more nearly moderate strategy once Hillary is in the White House. 🙂


      • Very true! My point is whether we truly have the freedom to choose our own leaders…or not. If the party can turn on their “people’s choice” then that negates the “government by the people” myth. The last guy I personally want to see in office is Trump. But this upsets the whole theory of our Democracy. When the people speak–even if they are idiots–isn’t that the rule? I agree that the GOP has been imploding for years, and it can’t happen to a nicer bunch. 🙂


        • Well, you are right, as far as the primaries … the people are NOT actually doing the choosing. Look at the “super delegates” and the effect they have, particularly in the democratic primaries. Then, come to the general election, the people’s choice may still not prevail due to the electoral college system. A whole ‘nother topic for a different day :p


          • these are early primaries…ours in Ohio used to be in May, once it was in March, I’m not sure when it is this time. I know how elections work (or don’t work 🙂 I must not be getting my point across very well.

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      • but they had such a motley crew of liars and jesusfreaks! The one I would have had win is Jeb Bush…at least with the Bushes we know what to expect. I like Bernie…but they would all go berserk trying to prevent him from getting in. They call me a bleeding heart liberal, and yeah, I am. 🙂

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  3. Great post. I did not understand Romney’s goal with today’s speech. It was simply too making mud. It wasn’t academic or professional in nature. He didn’t endorse a candidate or throw his own hat in the ring. The Republican Party is in a panic and this seemed like a failed Hail Mary pass.

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