HOORAY … There’s a Hole in the Boat!!!

Da Trumpeter’s boat may finally be starting to sprout some holes.  A few things have gone down this week that could be compared to him shooting himself in the foot.  Yes, I know, he “could murder someone and everybody would still love [him] …”, but that is the same mentality as the recently disproven “too big to fail”.  First, there was the whole discussion surrounding the size of his genitals, which I choose not to discuss here, but suffice it to say it disgusted a lot of people and some are scratching their heads and asking themselves if this is really the man they want negotiating with Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-Un.

The second serious mistake he made was to snub the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).  He was to give a speech, but he wanted the rules changed to allow him to speak longer.  The committee refused.  Then Trump got wind of a protest being planned, and at the same time found that at the end of his speech he would be required to answer questions by a journalist, so he simply canceled his appearance.  Two thoughts on this:  a) Apparently Trump thinks he is, in fact, too big to fail and that all he needs to do is yell a lot and wave his arms around, and voters will flock to him.  And for a while, they did.  But lately I have heard from a couple of people who say the “magic” is starting to wear thin.  b) he needs to grow a tougher skin.  He talks tough, but when a journalist asks tough questions about policy or how he plans to accomplish his goals, or when somebody protests at an event, he shrivels.  He has the person evicted or beaten if he can, otherwise he walks away.  Good grief, Charlie Brown.  What would he ever do if he were elected?  Hole up in the bathroom because the public doesn’t like him anymore after the first week in office?  Order newspapers fined or worse for every criticism? Fire every advisor on a weekly basis because they do not agree with him?

“It’s ACU’s policy to have every presidential candidate actually answer questions, not just come and give a stump speech,” said a board member for the CPAC.  That makes sense, if you think about it.  He has had far too many opportunities to spout his rhetoric far and wide in recent months, but what has been lacking has been any sense of a clear vision, clear policies, a clear ideology.  This is what the voters need to know.  We have already heard him say repeatedly that he is wealthy, that he is high in the polls, that he is going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, that he is going to “bomb the shit” out of ISIS, deport immigrants, kill families of terrorists, etc.  Yawn. Now people need to know what he is really going to do, but we cannot seem to dig down through the bombast.  Perhaps there really is nothing under it all.

What will he do when he is to present at the United Nations, or speak at the G8 summit and someone disagrees with him?  Will he put on his pouty face, take his toys and go home?  The president is the person who represents us all, each and every one of us living in this nation.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t wish to be represented by a man who cannot, will not even speak intelligently and has no real backbone.

I have thought at several points before that surely some comment he shouted or antic he pulled would cause people to start wondering whether he is actually qualified for the job of president, but I was wrong.  I am still puzzled by this phenomenon, but this time I am hearing some grumblings from people who are or were in his camp.  It gives me hope that perhaps the veneer is beginning to wear thin, the people are starting to realize that you cannot lead a nation with threats and rants, and you cannot run away and hide every time somebody insults you.  Perhaps there is hope yet.

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