Saturday Snippets

I just learned that the Trumpeter is holding a rally tomorrow a short five miles from my home!  I once said that if he came anywhere within 25 miles I would go and protest long and loud!  He was apparently planning a rally in the heart of the city, but that has been canceled and now he is coming to the ‘burbs.  My best guess on that is that after the protests got out of hand, causing his Chicago rally to be canceled yesterday, he is avoiding major cities and sticking to smaller venues where crowd control is less difficult.  My suburb is demographically interesting, as a portion is comprised of professionals – doctors, lawyers, and even John Boehner makes his home here when he is not playing games in D.C. The rest of the community, however, is an eclectic mix including Middle Eastern immigrants, African-Americans, Hispanics and other “minorities”.  I cannot imagine that any of the groups, either the professionals or the rest of us, really have an interest in hearing Trump’s standard racist, bullying rhetoric, so it will be interesting to see who actually turns up at his rally.  He is calling it a “town hall meeting”, by the way. I am still debating whether to go and protest loudly, or to go and actually ask intelligent questions that we all know he cannot answer.  The latter is obviously the more mature answer, but the former just sounds like plain ol’ fun!  I will need a few additions to my wardrobe, of course!

And of course, there is a third option of staying home, which I suspect is the one my family will vote for.  I still think it would be fun to take a jelly-squirter and when he opens his big mouth, squirt jelly into it!  jelly squirter

Yes, in case there was any doubt, I am the Anti-Trump!


I have mentioned before that I am in a love-hate relationship with my cell phone.  I am in the market for a new one, but two things have kept me from trading/upgrading thus far:  a) I cannot decide what phone to go with next, and b) I dread spending days, or even weeks, getting everything set up, re-installing apps, contacts, etc.  Every time I think I have decided on my next phone, either I read a review that changes my mind, or I see something else that I like better (maybe).  Is it too much to ask that a phone be fast in loading apps, the internet, etc., plus let me know via a flashing light that I have messages, plus have a battery that holds a charge for a full 24 hours?  Today I read that Samsung, makers of Galaxy phones, has come out with a “dunk-able” (read water-resistant) phone.  While I do have a few friends who have dropped their phones into lakes, rivers, toilets and even the ocean, I can honestly say I have never even come close.  The biggest threat my phone has ever experienced is when I threaten to throw it either against a brick wall or through the window.  To date, I have done neither, though I have smacked it against the side of my hand more than a few times and frequently rap it with my knuckles while saying “hellooooooo … are you awake in there???”.

Tonight is the night we have to set our clocks … backward, forward???  I don’t remember, but I’m sure my phone, Kindle and the three working computers will all set themselves, thus I will then know what time to set the stove, microwave and other assorted time-keeping instruments throughout the house.  I only remember that we lose an hour of sleep tonight.  I really, really needed that hour of beauty sleep, too.  On the bright side, the crocuses we planted in October bloomed this week, and we are supposed to have two days with temperatures in the 70s next week, so I guess this means that spring is really on its way.  Have a happy Saturday!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets

  1. You are already on “summer time” now? We still have two more weeks of “winter time”, as it is called here. We set the clocks one hour forward in the night of the last Saturday of March (ok, if you are really precise you have to say we set them “early on the last Sunday”, but what the heck), and set them back on the last Saturday/Sunday of October.

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    • Ours used to be, until 2007, the first Sunday in April and the last Sunday in October, but now it is the 2nd Sunday in March and the 1st Sunday in November. As if it wasn’t already confusing enough??? Either way … I am feeling sleepy today 🙂


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