This is the 3rd I have re-posted from “fromscotlandwithloveblog”. She is volunteering to help immigrants on the Greek isle of Kos. This may well b the most touching of all three posts. My heart breaks along with hers. An important read …


How do you keep your head when all those around you are losing theirs?

Back in September, I had had enough of simply sitting around watching an unraveling humanitarian crisis unfold on the shores of Europe so I decided to try and do something. I had no idea what I could do, but I had time and I found some cheap flights and thought, why not? I could sit around my house becoming angrier and angrier or I could get on that plane, land on a Greek island and physically, actually, do something. Of course, I am not naive, my little actions were exactly that, just little actions in a mammoth crisis, but I knew that in the future I would not be able to look back on this dark time and know that I just sat by and did nothing.

I showed up not knowing what I could do…

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