Update: The Gnomes Have New Homes!!!


Remember back on March 2nd when I wrote a post about a bunch of sweet little gnomes who had been living in Little Buffalo State Park outside of Harrisburg Pennsylvania?  (Click here to refresh your memory) A retired gentleman by the name of Steve Hoke built a number of little gnome houses and placed them throughout the park.  Families and children from the area were enamoured of the gnomes and their homes, until …. one day the wicked park administrator, a Mr. Jason Baker, insisted that all the new visitors were “packing the dirt” in the park and ordered Mr. Hoke to remove the gnome’s homes at once.  Writing that story made me so sad, until … late last night, when I received the following message from none other than Mr. Hoke himself:

“Hi Jill, my wife and I love the story and you’ll be happy to know that we’ve rehomed many of the gnomes in local community parks. You should also know that last week we found the little Tinker Bell I had given to the girl with cancer wrapped in a note that said “I’m better now. Thank you!” I cried and realized this is why I do this. Steve Hoke”

As you might imagine, that brief message brought so much joy to my heart, not to mention a few tears to my eyes!  I spend so much time writing “on the dark side” that I tend to forget there are still people with big hearts out there.  Mr. Hoke’s message meant more to me than he can ever know, and I am thrilled to know the gnomes have new homes!

6 thoughts on “Update: The Gnomes Have New Homes!!!

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