Good News, Funny Speech, and Bad Poetry …

Tonight I have good news …


The trumpeter lost Wisconsin, a “winner-take-all” primary, by a pretty significant margin.  It came as no surprise, but still a good sign.  Trump is now in a position of having to win 500 delegates out of the remaining 900.  Hold your breath and cross your fingers.  Of course, as I predicted earlier, he is not accepting responsibility for the loss, but instead blames the governor of Wisconsin, talk radio hosts, super PACs and mostly Ted Cruz.  Told you so!  Mind you, I don’t like Cruz either, but if he keeps Trump from having the magical 1,237 delegates, at the very least it stops Trump from automatically being the nominee.


Sarah Palin was on hand in Wisconsin this past weekend (gee … Trump probably could have blamed her for his loss!) and gave a speech at a GOP fundraising dinner.  I did not see the speech, though it is available in its entirety here if you feel so inclined.  Apparently she spoke for approximately 20 minutes, during which time she received applause only three times:  1) when she was introduced, 2) when she mentioned Hillary Clinton, and 3) when she finished.  I hear her speech was rambling and disjointed, pretty typical Palin fare.  Thanks to Politico and The Washington Post, I am able to share with you some of her best lines:

“Getting off the airplane … Seeing all the green and gold and the green and gold until I’m dead and cold paraphernalia everywhere.”

“This awesome awakening, the shifting and sifting and the exposing of this rabid bite for them to hang on to any kind of relevancy and to hang on to their gravy train.”

On immigrants: “Inducing and seducing them with gift baskets … ‘Come on over the border and here’s a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls.’ ”

“In order to work, to produce, to strive and to thrive, and to really be alive in the greatest country on earth.”

“Trashin’ our economy, shippin’ out jobs, lettin’ us foot the bill, palin’ around with the same old politicos and insiders.”

“And we won’t retreat, we’ll reload. We’ll reload.”

I am told it was like watching a bad train wreck.  If any of you actually watch the video of her speech, let me know your thoughts … I cannot bring myself to waste 20 minutes of my life on it.


And I saved the worst for last!  I believe I have mentioned before that I do not enjoy poetry.  I think that makes me a freak of some sort, but we can discuss that another time.  Though I do not enjoy poetry, I frequently find myself making up little rhyming things … I can not actually call it poetry, I just like to play with words.  So, tonight I made this one, strictly off the cuff and out of my dusty brain:

trumpty dumpty

Trumpty Dumpty built a great wall,

Trumpty Dumpty couldn’t pay for it all,

He screamed and ranted over and over again,

But alas Trumpty Dumpty became a has-been.

My profound apologies to Mother Goose.







6 thoughts on “Good News, Funny Speech, and Bad Poetry …

  1. As I said, there is always hope. 🙂 But the Palin-quotes are appalling (sorry for the weak pun)… I looks like she thinks she is producing poetry! “Shifting and sifting” and “green and gold”…. sigh. Too much for my literacy-loving 😉 mind to bear…. Can anyone just give her a cup of tea to make her shut up?

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    • I fully agree! And nothing she said made a bit of sense … but then, she is who she is and there isn’t really any reason to expect sense of her. I just hope that if Trumpty-Dumpty wins the nomination he doesn’t choose her as his running mate! Aaaaarrrgggghhhh … can you imagine a worse combination? Sigh. :p


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