Ferries Not Frontex

Yet another heartbreaking post from a volunteer assisting refugees on the Greek isle of Kos. When … where … how … does this all end? What is the solution? I don’t know, but I am thankful that there are people like this lady in this world to help. Please read!


“Safe Passage” we blazoned on our banners, we spread across our social media, we shouted in the streets.

“Ferries not Frontex”

“Refugees Are Human Beings”

“Don’t Let Them Drown”

We campaigned, we protested, we wrote to the powers that be, we signed petitions, we exclaimed our outrage, our desperation, to anyone who would listen and more so to those that would not.

We filled the gaps the governments left, trying to provide basic humanitarian assistance to those making the journey across the Aegean. We watched the horrors unfold, we saw so many lives lost so unnecessarily.

The 45 minute ferry from Bodrum to Kos, only costing a few Euros, but only for those with the right passports, forever taunted us and those forced to climb into a dinghy and risk their lives crossing under cover of darkness for the hope of a better life.

But on the 4th of April…

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