Double Disillusion.

I am sharing this post by a fellow blogger, WordyNerdBird because he makes some very astute observations about politics in general, and the U.S. & Australian political environments specifically. I find it interesting to see how people from other countries view our political circus. Well worth the read! (Also, I love his Scrabble background!)


So, it’s on.

Australians will head to the polls on July 2nd in an election that will see a “spill and refill” of all the seats in both houses of the Australian Parliament. For those unfamiliar with the Australian political system, this process is called a “double dissolution election”.

I had to laugh, though, when an ABC commentator today commented that “it’s going to be a very long campaign”. Has he not seen what’s going on in America? Months and months of campaigning just to obtain a party’s nomination to run for President, which means even more months of campaigning.

Fact is, I’m very interested in politics, but I don’t like any of the choices, either in America or here in Australia.

Why can’t we have honest, hard-working people who just want to serve their country as candidates for leadership? What happened to the statesman who believed in doing the…

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