Nothing But The Good News Today!

Note:  I inadvertently deleted this post earlier, so this is the same post I posted at 7:00 a.m. 

I made several false starts today … started a post about Mother’s Day, but it wasn’t working out, so I started one about Alabama’s suspended Supreme Court Justice, Roy S. Moore, but that wasn’t going where I wanted it to go either.  Writers of fiction often say that their characters develop minds of their own and sometimes go where the writer never intended.  I get that, but I do not, cannot, write fiction.  I write OpEd, and my writing is supposed to go precisely where my mind thinks it is going, but somedays there is simply a disconnect.  So, instead, I have decided to dig for some “good news” stories for my Sunday morning blog (being written on Saturday night).

‘No-Excuses’ Girl Born Without Hands Wins In National Handwriting Competition

anaya1Anaya Ellick is 7 years old and in first grade at Greenbrier Christian Academy in Chesapeake, Virginia.  She is said by her teacher to be a vivacious child, independent and works hard at her studies.  Oh yes, and Anaya was born without hands.  Yet, she won the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellence in Manuscript Penmanship.  Anaya does not use prosthetics, but simply buts the pen or pencil between her arms and stands up to write.  This girl’s writing puts mine to shame (see sample below).  Great job, Anaya!anaya sample


Cheerios Giving Bees A Buzz-Worthy 3,300 Acres Of Flowers To Pollinate

CheeriosI like Honey-Nut Cheerios.  You like Honey-Nut Cheerios?  On April 26, General Mills announced that the farms that supply oats for Honey Nut Cheerios will plant approximately 3,300 acres of habitat for bees and other pollinators by 2020.  Since most of us cannot readily visualize 3,300 acres, it is approximately the size of 3,000 football fields.  That help?  We have all heard that honeybees are dying out, in part due to the chemicals used in farming and in part due to global warming.  The problem is that honeybees are responsible for pollinating some 70% of the food we eat, so it is a big problem that must be addressed quickly.  Certainly more than this is needed, but if every major corporation did as much as General Mills, the problem would soon be turned around, it seems. So, hats off to General Mills for doing their part!


33 Rescued Circus Lions Will Feel Like Kings In New South African Digs

lionsI haven’t been to a circus in … oh, probably 30 years.  But I do remember loving the animals.  The clowns always frightened me, the strange people disturbed me, but I loved the animals.  I was never afraid of the elephants, lions or tigers.  I have always loved animals, perhaps more than humans sometimes, and have a deep compassion for them.  It makes me furious when they are abused.  33 lions have been rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia, where they were neglected and abused.  Thanks to the good works of Animal Defenders International, based in Los Angeles, the lions have been flown to South Africa to live out their lives in a private sanctuary, Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Limpopo province.    Two thumbs up to Animal Defenders International!

Man Teaches Homeless Woman To Read Over Lunch Every Week

Twenty-five year-old Greg Smith of Orlando, Florida, has lunch with Amy Joe, a homeless woman, every Tuesday on his lunch break from work.  One day she happened to mention that any money she gets, she uses to get books because she is trying to teach herself to read.  Well, Greg Smith immediately wanted to help, so now during their Tuesday lunch together Greg brings Amy a book from the library which they read together, and then she tries to further hone her skills during the rest of the week.  Additionally, Greg is trying to help by using a GoFundMe website to collect donations, not just to help homeless people in Orlando learn to read, but also to help them with such necessities as food, clothing and shelter.  Of Amy Joe, he says he is charmed by “how positive she is even though she really has nothing.”  I don’t know about you all, but I am charmed and heartened to read of a young man who cares so much for others.  Heartfelt hugs to both Greg Smith and Amy Joe of Orlando, Florida!


We in the U.S. have been so caught up in hate lately, in political rhetoric, constantly bombarded by politicians fighting, threatening violence, condoning racism and other forms of hate. Daily we hear friends, neighbors, relatives expound on their political views that differ from our own, and by the end of the day, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that there are good people all over the world, doing things to try to make the world a little bit better place.

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