Monday, Monday …

Australian police officer, Scott Mason, rescued a baby joey … a little kangaroo, orphaned when it’s mother was killed by a car in March. Constable Mason named the little roo Cuejoe, and the two have become something of a social media star down in Oz … (BuzzFeed: “This Hot Cop Adopted A Baby Kangaroo And It Lives In His Shirt”).  Cuejoe is adorable … and Constable Mason isn’t too hard on the eyes, either!  Check out the video link below:

Constable Scott Mason with Cuejoe

CuejoeI love the way he burrows into Mason’s shirt, then settles right down, just as if he were in his mama’s pouch.  But then one day, when Mason and Cuejoe were out playing in the courtyard of the Burringurrah police station, a huge wedge-tailed eagle with a 7-foot wingspan swooped down and grabbed baby Cuejoe! It lifted Cuejoe in its talons, hoisted the roo over a 6½-foot fence and headed toward the bushland. Luckily for Cuejoe, although large eagles are capable of lifting fairly large animals (Cuejoe weighed 10 pounds at the time), they cannot fly long while carrying them.  Constable Mason, with almost fatherly instinct, ran after the eagle who landed a few hundred feet down the road.  Immediately the eagle, with help from a fellow eagle, began pecking at poor Cuejoe.  But Mason scared the eagles away and, once again, rescued sweet Cuejoe, who suffered puncture wounds on his face and chest, as well as some missing patches of fur.  As Mason made his way back into the police station with Cuejoe in his arms, the eagles followed, and two days later were still sitting on a fencepost outside the police station … waiting …

Paramedics treated Cuejoe, who is recovering nicely and has started eating well again.  I just loved this story!  Full story here


There are 250,500 restaurants in the UK.  Approximately.  But a new restaurant, Bunyadi, is scheduled to open in June, apparently for just three months, and there are already 32,000 on the list for reservations!  Since the restaurant capacity is only 42 diners at one time, I am not certain how so many people will be served in a short three-month period. You are probably thinking this is an upscale, fancy restaurant along the lines of Maxim’s, right?  But this restaurant will have no phones, no electricity, and the food will be cooked over a wood flame grill.  Meals will be served on clay crockery, and the forks, knives and spoons are to be edible also. In fact, even the décor is rather … primitive.bunyadi1

According to Seb Lyall, the restaurant’s founder, “We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone and even no clothes if they wish to. The idea is to experience true liberation.”  WAIT A MINUTE … did he say “no clothes”?  Yes, that is the novelty, the gimmick that is drawing crowds to the as yet unopened Bunyadi … it is to be London’s first ever ‘nude restaurant’.  Personally, I would not wish to eat a meal while staring at a naked body, mine or anybody else’s.  I think I would need a large bottle of Tums.  But to each his own.  The price, by the way, will average $95 per person!  More Tums …

owlcafe1This is not the first … shall we say ‘brainchild’ of Mr. Lyall’s.  Last year he created another limited-time restaurant, the Owl Café, also in London. Animal rights groups were not too happy with the concept, worrying that it would be too stressful for the owls.  As an animal rights activist, I would agree with that, but I am also concerned about what might land in the food, what with owls flying around, doing … well, that which owls do.  The Owl Café had strict rules:  No Standing, No Touching the Owls, No Alcohol.  My research into the Owl Café shows that there are numerous of these establishments in Japan.  Odd that. owlcafevid


One Reilly Flaherty lost his wallet at a concert in Brooklyn a few weeks ago.  Like most of us, he assumed he would never see it again, and immediately set about canceling credit cards and replacing other identification.  If you have never gone through that process, I will tell you it is tedious and highly stressful … but less so than having somebody charge taxi rides in Hong Kong to your credit card (which actually happened to me).  Two weeks later, Mr. Flaherty came home to find an envelope containing his credit cards and driver’s license.  The only things missing were the wallet, his Metro card and the cash he had been carrying.  A note was also enclosed:

“I found your wallet, and your drivers license had your address so here’s your credit cards and other important stuff. I kept the cash because I needed weed, the MetroCard because, well, the fare’s $2.75 now, and the wallet ’cause it’s kinda cool. Enjoy the rest of your day. Toodles, Anonymous.”

Flaherty posted the note  on his Instagram account and captioned it, “thanks… I think?”



4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday …

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  2. I do like the idea of a restaurant without electricity – but I would prefer to keep my clothes on, thank you very much! 😉 And honestly most people are not such a joy to look at naked…. so I would prefer if they would stay dressed too.

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    • I completely agree with you! Most animals are beautiful to look at. Mankind was given a more complex brain, opposable thumbs, etc., but we surely did not come out ahead in the looks department! Like you, I would keep my clothes ON! 🙂


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