Hillary is to Blame for …. WHAT???

In Oregon last Friday night, da trumpeter blew yet another sour note on his horn.  He called Hillary Clinton an “unbelievably nasty, mean enabler” who “‘destroyed’ the lives of her husband’s mistresses.” WHAT???  So, Hillary is somehow responsible for any infidelities Bill Clinton may have done, and Hillary somehow ruined lives?  “She’s been the total enabler. She would go after these women and destroy their lives,” Trump said. “She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful.”  Again … WHAT???

This morning (Monday), Chris Cuomo of CNN had a telephone interview with da trumpeter.  Cuomo began the interview by asking Trump about his comments, and noting that the voters “don’t like it. They see it as a distraction, they see it as hypocritical coming from you, and mostly they see it as potential proof that you may have no real ideas to offer as president. What is your thinking on this line of attack?” To which Trump replied: “Well this is a nice way to start off the interview. First of all, you should congratulate me for having won the race. I thought there at least would be a small congratulations. But I’m not surprised with CNN.”  Trump claimed that he discussed many more important issues, such as trade, the military and illegal immigration. I listened to parts of the speech throughout the entire hour and 14 minutes, and found that he did not actually address any serious topic, other than off-the-cuff remarks, such as a reiteration of his intent to ‘build a wall’, etc.  The bulk of his speech was spent doing two things:  tooting his own horn, and putting down everybody else, primarily Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

But back to the interview with Cuomo this morning.  After saying that he talked about many more important issues and questioning why Cuomo led off with a question about his Clinton remarks, he said “I spoke very little about that compared to other things. You took a small amount of the speech and you build it up like it’s the biggest thing in the world. But it is a big thing. Look, he was the worst abuser of women.”  Logically, Cuomo replied, “You just said I’m making too much of it, now you say it’s a big thing.” Trump: “Excuse me — as a politician, in the history of our country. He was impeached, and then he lied about it. The guy was impeached for lying.”  Even if this were a true statement (it is only partly true, as I will clarify in a moment), how in the Sam Hell is any of this Hillary Clinton’s fault???  And how does it apply to the current election? I am thoroughly confused at his rationale here, so if anybody understands this, please feel free to comment at the bottom of this post and enlighten me. In fact, if anybody can actually make sense of this, I will send you a free ‘Snoopy for President’ sticker!

William Jefferson Clinton’s ‘impeachment’ has nothing whatsoever to do with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the presidency this year. In 1998, Bill Clinton was charged in the House of Representatives with perjury and obstruction of justice related to his affair with the infamous Monica Lewinski.  The House voted to impeach, but the Senate did not muster enough votes for an impeachment, and he was thereby acquitted of both charges in 1999.  Some still choose to say he was impeached, but either way, it was not Hillary Clinton’s fault and she was never the one on trial. The fact is that she was more a victim than Monica Lewinsky.

I would argue that Trump’s rants against one person or another, against groups of people, and his braggadocio about his ‘accomplishments’ do not deserve media time and attention.  However, that would, in essence, be denying Trump any of the free advertising he has been getting from the media, since a full 95% of everything he says is just that … rants, lies and bragging.  I concur with what Chris Cuomo said in the beginning, that it is a smokescreen to cover up the fact that Trump has no real agenda, no real ideas of what he foresees as president.  We can only hope that the people of this nation are savvy enough to peer through the smoke and mirrors to the empty shell that is Donald Trump.

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23 thoughts on “Hillary is to Blame for …. WHAT???

  1. Gotta love the guy who talks about women being on the rag accusing someone else of destroying a woman’s life. I didn’t realize that Clinton wasn’t actually impeached, so I learned something new today.

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  2. The only part of this that I see (mostly because it’s my wife’s perspective on Hillary) is that she is an enabler because she stayed with her husband through these events. She may have lost the respect of many women because of this. I think some viewed it as her valuing politics and power over family values. Not necessarily my opinion, but playing devil’s advocate.

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    • Eh … I disagree with that train of thought. Hillary stayed with Bill for reasons known only to herself … perhaps political power was a factor, I don’t know. My best guess is she realized what might happen to him and the country had she left him. I like to think that she loved him enough to try to work through their problems, as many many many wives have done. But whatever her motivation, it does not make her responsible for him, his affairs, nor his former paramours. But, that is just my opinion, and I am both a feminist, but also of the old school that says if you love someone, you try to work through your problems rather than just throwing it all away.

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  3. So now the husband’s infidelity (if we still call it by this word) is the wife’s fault? I mean, hello… which year is this? Did I by accident step into a time machine or what??????? Argggh…..

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      • I’d be happy to have you here! But be warned, there is a lot of stupidity around here too. Our not so brilliant Austrian prime minister declared yesterday that he was quitting, stepping down, going home, effective immediately. Because he felt he was lacking support in his party (and most of the country, actually). And although I never liked him anyway – what kind of move is that from a politician? Going home like a sulking pre-schooler? “I am not playing anymore…..”

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        • I heard about that!!! I was quite surprised, and like you, I saw it as a rather childish move. I guess there is enough stupidity in this world to go around! 🙂 I’m so happy that almost all who read my blog are relatively sane!


  4. Unfortunately, there are WAY TOO MANY Americans who do indeed support Donald Trump…it is frightening. Someone said to me “we had a (black man) as president…we don’t want a (blankety-blank) WOMAN!” A neighbor says they don’t want Hillary Clinton because she “killed people.” ??? and more… The painful truth is that so far vast numbers of (Republicans) have over-whelmingly voted in primaries for Trump. Now he is the heir apparent and the Republican Party is actively conspiring to deprive Trump of the nomination. HELLO?

    Ya know what? These Trump Supporters WANT a wall…they WANT to kick certain groups out of the country…they WANT to forcibly remove families through the auspices of shock-and-awe-troops…they DON’T WANT equal rights…they DON”T CARE about “other countries”… they think our tax dollars are going to PROTECT various world nations…they have no idea what NATO is.

    enough from me…. 🙂

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