Camp closed: desperation on the Syrian border

I am re-blogging this, with permission from Ali, the original author. Ali works with ‘Medicins sans Frontieres’ in refugee camps. This is but one heartbreaking story from the camps, but one that I think is important. The message, at least to me, is clear: we must all step up and do what we can to help humanity. PLEASE take a few moments to read this post.

Ali In The Field

Ejected from camp.jpg

Mohammed is leaning on his crutches at the fence of the clinic. “Can you help me? Please, please can you help me?”

We go back with him to his tent. It is in a transit camp for Syrian refugees on the Turkish/Syrian border. And the refugees – about 3000 of them – have just been told they are being moved to another camp, an official, permanent camp, some 80 km distant. Tomorrow morning, at 10.00 am. So they must pack their bags and get ready.

The problem is, this camp is populated by refugees from a different ethnic group, with a completely different language and customs. And with the recently exacerbated enmity, a consequence of the ongoing conflict in Syria , most people are refusing to go. They fear for their safety there, despite the two separate, protected areas in the camp that have been established.

“We have only just arrived,” Mohammed…

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