Daesh, the New Black Death: Radicals, Ruin and Racism

Amid so much talk these days about terrorism and terrorist organizations, the fear that the politicians and the media, in their self-serving interests, play upon and even promote, most of us do not really have an understanding of the organization most in the news today. Mention of Daesh, aka ISIL, aka ISIS, aka IS brings vivid pictures of beheaded journalists, of suicide bombers, of attacks round the globe, and our fear of them is bigger, I think, than the reality. Which, of course, is the goal of terrorism to begin with … to instill fear. Sadly, again thanks to politicos and the media, that fear has broadened to include all Middle-Easterners, all Muslims, even though the reality is that terrorists are a miniscule percentage of those groups. I think the key is understanding … what is Daesh, how did they come to be, what are their strengths and weaknesses. Fellow blogger internationalrelationsukblog has written by far the best explanation I have ever read, bar none, and I am sharing it here. He clarifies and explains the organization Daesh and helps put their power into perspective. Please take the time to read and ponder this piece.


It would be impossible to have anything in the style of the site without commenting on this “organisation”. “Daesh””Islamic State/ISIL” “ISIS”; the group appears to have countless names and each of them is on the lips of every government minister and media outlet in the world. Political powerhouses like Donald Trump have been making claims that they will “crush” the group as part of his election campaign so it couldn’t be too much clearer that common people and those in power alike are bent on their destruction. But how does one do such a thing, and perhaps more prominently, who are they?

Bit of basic background information:


Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or Islamic State, is a Sunni jihadist militant group. It is also commonly referred to as Daesh most notably by the West; this is a literal…

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