Monday … Again … Already … Why?


Hats off to Saltwater Brewery, a craft beer company in Delray Beach, Florida!  No, not because they make good beer … never having had it, I cannot speak for the beer.  But the company is doing something positive for the environment, and that will always earn a ‘hats off’ or ‘thumbs up’ from me.  Remember last week I wrote a piece about trash, how it is unsightly and damages the environment?  And remember I specifically groused about animals becoming stuck in those plastic rings that hold soft drinks and beer together?  Well, Saltwater Brewery has created edible six-pack rings that feed, rather than kill, marine life if the rings end up in the ocean and an animal happens to eat it!  The rings are created from beer by-products during the brewing process such as barley and wheat and are completely safe for fish to eat. They are also safe for humans, just in case you are picnicking and your teething toddler decides to chew on one! In a world where some 90% of all seabirds found dead are found to have plastic in their stomachs and plastic is the most common trash item ingested by sea turtles, this is a step in the right direction.  The ingestible rings are more expensive, but Saltwater Brewery hopes consumers will be willing to pay a few pennies more to do something good for the environment.  They also hope to start a trend and that other companies will soon hop [pun intended] on the bandwagon! Read full story here!

mon7A Seattle-based company has come up with a new idea for a toothbrush … it lets the user stream video from within their mouth while brushing.  Um …. Personally, I find the inside of people’s mouths to be rather disgusting.  What are you supposed to do … hum while you brush and make the little hanging thing in the back of your throat dance to the beat?  But wait … you can even send the video to a smart phone!  Whoa … I am certain that all my family & friends are just dying to get a video from the inside of my mouth, yes?  Actually, according to Dr. Craig S. Kohler, the inventor of the Prophix, there are practical uses, such as identifying changes in gums and fillings. Maybe, but I will stick with my Spinbrush.  Who has time for thinking up new music scores to hum every morning?

Mon1I am a sucker for the funny things that come out of kids mouths.  No, not those things … you know, words, sentences and the like.  I saw one on Facebook the other day.


California attorney Marty Burbank and his wife, Seon, were planning to buy a boat.  Instead, they decided to fund 2 years college education for an entire kindergarten class at Rio Vista Elementary School.  The Burbanks are not in the infamous 1% we hear so much about.  He is an attorney and she is a professor at Vanguard University.  They go to work every day to earn a living just like the vast majority of us. But they are grateful for the opportunities they have had, both being the first in their families to attend college, and they decided that it is more important to give back, or in this case, pay it forward, than to own a boat.  Two thumbs up from Filosofa to Marty & Seon Burbank!  This is one trend I would love to see catch on!


In the UK, a tiny baby fox was rescued after being found with its head stuck in a peanut butter jar. Kevin Drew, director of wildlife rescue organization Creatures in Crisis removed the jar from the fox’s head with wire cutters. The fox, named Peanut by Drew’s son, is recovering and will be released back into the wild in about 3 months. Another reminder of the dangers of improperly disposing of trash.


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