No Excuses, NO Excuses, NO EXCUSES!!!

There is NO excuse for rudeness, for racism, for bigotry of any sort, and certainly no excuse for derogatory name-calling.  NONE!  Today I stumbled across the following ‘letter to the editor’ of The Fresno (California) Bee published yesterday, 25 May 2016:

Trump style reflects New York roots

Having grown up in New York, I may have a deeper understanding of Donald Trump’s desire to make America great. As an entrepreneur who has created thousands of jobs, Trump wants every able-bodied American to have a hand up instead of a handout, the dignity of a good job versus the indignity of food stamps.

As a successful investor, Trump knows that capitalism harnesses human greed for the greatest good for the greatest number. Socialism produces Venezuela. As a patriot, Trump wants America to have the world’s strongest military, so evil will fear us.

In World War I and World War II, America invented the idea that a nation captures enemy-occupied land only to return it to its rightful owners. The Russians have yet to learn that.

Attending a distant high school, my friends and I spent 45 minutes each way on the subway, laughingly cutting and chopping each other. In no way did this affect our love and respect for each other. Even my California wife was surprised that my family could loudly argue and still love each other.

In dealing with non-New Yorkers over the years, I’ve toned that down, and so can Trump. Strength and compassion: that’s the New York way.


It would be laughable were it not that it is such a serious issue.  I know many New Yorkers, none of whom use it as an excuse to denigrate others.  I was raised in a family with mafia ties, but would that excuse me for killing my enemies?  Somehow I don’t think so.  I would like to address a couple of this man’s misguided points:

  • “Trump knows that capitalism harnesses human greed for the greatest good for the greatest number.” I would argue that, given the ever-widening income gap in this nation, we have seen that, in fact, capitalism ‘harnesses human greed’ for the greatest good for the smallest number! Reagan’s ‘trickle down’ economics proved a catastrophic failure, as the wealth never did ‘trickle down’, but rather stayed within that top 1%.
  • “My friends and I spent 45 minutes … on the subway, laughingly cutting and chopping each other. In no way did this affect our love and respect for each other.”  Good-natured ribbing between friends has nothing whatsoever to do with either: a) being a New Yorker, or b) the leader of a nation calling women and minorities derogatory names.  This is an apples-to-oranges comparison and has no meaning whatsoever.

But the bigger, most objectionable point, is that being a New Yorker gives Trump a free pass to say whatever he likes and we, the people, should be willing to overlook it, saying “Oh, well, you know … he’s from New York.”  Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York, Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady, to name a few, were also New Yorkers, yet you will not find any record of them ever calling people clowns, losers, dopes, dummies and dogs.

It is true that New Yorkers have a reputation for being somewhat more rude than average, but even so, it is no excuse for a man who hopes to become president.  People who aspire to leadership positions, whether it is a seat on town council or president of the U.S., are held to a higher standard than others.  Trump lashes out at anybody – political opponents, journalists, average citizens, who do not agree with him. This is not the behaviour we expect from our politicians, and we deserve better.

If Trump or anybody else running for office is unable to treat those who do not agree with them respectfully, then he has no business in the public eye.  Can you imagine the fallout that would have ensued if President Obama had uttered any of the disgusting things Trump has said?  He would have been roasted over an open pit within an hour!  We are, as yet, a civilized society, one which Donald Trump apparently does not fit into well.

10 thoughts on “No Excuses, NO Excuses, NO EXCUSES!!!

    • I would agree … if he remains in office for a full 4 years, which I doubt, he will have taken us back so far that it will take decades, perhaps longer, to repair the damage. And that is assuming he doesn’t start a nuclear war.


    • That’s for certain … as we see now that he sits in the Oval Office, he is managing to offend our allies and our citizenry alike! Rarely a day goes by that he isn’t rude and crude.


  1. “Strength and compassion” sound great…. but I somehow doubt that anyone in their right mind would associate them with the brass instrument that has been giving us such head aches lately…

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  2. I absolutely agree with your points on mr. trump and having him as president is a very frightening thing, considering his emotional volatility. Imagine pairing that attribute with access to the neuclear codes? There would be nothing for a next president to clean up. His bluster and bullying would wipe America off the map.

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