The Road to Toronto …

Sometime last year, probably in the fall, I joked that if Trump were elected president, I was moving to Canada.  It was a joke, and I meant nothing by it, as at that time I did not think there was a snowball’s chance in hell that da trumpeter would even get past first base on the path to the nomination.  I really believed he would drop out after the first round of primaries, so it was easy to joke and jest about his candidacy.  I laughed a lot way back when.  I laugh a lot less now.  And I think more seriously about moving to Canada. I have been wrong many, many times in my life, but never before have I been so wrong as when I believed my fellow citizens were too smart to follow the babbling buffoon, aka Donald Trump.

I am not alone!  After a discussion with my daughter the other night, we decided to look into the requirements to become residents of Canada.  When I began typing a phrase, “relocate to Canada” into Google, I only got the first few letters before it suggested the exact thing I was looking for … apparently many people have been looking into this!  And, Google provided me with over 23 million results to my search!  A few of the results:

  • Do Americans Really Move To Canada Because Of Politics? : NPR
  • Can Trump-Dodging Americans Really Move To Canada?
  • How To Move To Canada If Trump Wins – Refinery29
  • ‘An alternative exists’: the US citizens who vowed to flee to Canada
  • A guide for Americans who want to move to Canada if Trump wins
  • Want to Move to Canada If Trump Wins? Not So Fast | Rolling Stone

So those of you who reside in the U.S. and still have your sanity, you are probably curious about the qualifications for moving to Canada before next January.  Here is the short-list:

  • Visit Canada to determine where you would like to live (we have decided on Toronto, as it is the southern-most point, so more temperate, and closest to the U.S. in case we wish to visit)
  • Determine which type of permanent Canadian residency best suits your qualifications. (since my daughter is a nurse and I am a CPA, we will choose ‘skilled workers and professionals’)
  • Print the application form
  • Submit the completed application along with the applicable processing fee
  • Wait for the Citizenship and Immigration Canada office to process your application, receive an official Canadian Permanent Resident card.
  • Pack your stuff and rent a truck.

Simple.  One interesting thing to note:  if you have wedding gifts among your possessions, you must have gotten married within the past 3 months, or be planning to get married within the next 3 months, otherwise you will have to pay customs fees on them.  Now, this has me wondering … though my wedding was 40+ years ago, I do still have some of my wedding gifts, such as kitchen tools, pots and pans, etc.  (I take care of things and almost never throw anything away if it has even one more bit of use.) Does this mean that, since I received them as wedding gifts, I will have to pay duty on them?  Hmmmmm …. I will have to delve deeper into that.

Just a few days ago, I discovered that there is yet another option:   “Ireland Is Seriously Accepting Trump Refugees From The U.S. — Here’s Why”    The first line in this article is “Google has seen a spike in searches for “how to move to Canada” since Trump started his campaign.”  REALLY???? I wonder why?!?!  Anyway, the article is short, but a couple of the comments were fun:

  • “Let’s all move to Ireland and come back when America is no longer populated by idiots. Its [sic] should only take 100 years or so.”
  • “How high is this island? Is it going under water?”

Ireland is a beautiful country and one I would have liked to visit, but I think I will have to stick with Canada.  I am not rich, and I think it would take all my savings and then some to relocate to Ireland.  But for those of you who are younger and more adventurous than I … it might be something to consider!

Now, you may be wondering if I am serious about relocating or if it is merely another of my snarky anti-Trump-isms.  And the answer is … I don’t really know.  I am at least half serious. The values that are important to me, the ones I have built my whole life around, are human rights, equality for all people, inclusiveness, and most of all respect.  Donald Trump appears to be the antithesis of everything I believe in, and I am not certain that I want to, or even can live in a country led by a man who shares not a single one of these values.  I might argue (yes, I argue with myself all the time) that by staying, I could continue to fight against Trump and his policies; that if all the good people leave, what happens to the nation?  That is where the “I don’t know” comes in.  My voice in the cyber-world is very small, and for the most part I am already ‘preaching to the choir’, as most of my readers already share my beliefs and values.  So, am I making a difference?  Probably not much of one.  And my ability to make a difference in a world of Trump would be even less, as I believe he fully intends to find ways to silence his detractors.

So, all joking aside, yes, my family and I are giving serious consideration to a move in the event, unlikely I hope, that Trump wins the election.  Nothing, however, is set in stone, and I keep my fingers crossed that my fellow citizens will ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ before it is too late.  I still believe that common sense, morals, values, and all the rest reside in the hearts of most people.

10 thoughts on “The Road to Toronto …

    • Awesome! I would love to have you visit! Actually, if it weren’t so far, I would probably be considering the Netherlands, as I like what I read about it and it looks to be a beautiful country! But alas … just a tad too far to go 🙂


      • I guess there would also be a lot of things you would not like about it… Just yesterday I read an article about how things have changed … less tolerance, less openness. Although I guess there is still more tolerance here than in certain areas in the US.

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        • Yes, sadly it seems that much of the western world is following that trend, though perhaps here in the U.S. it is worse than in Europe. I blame Trump and the far-right for that. The catalyst seems to be Middle-Eastern refugees, at least in large part. Sigh.


  1. If you really want temperate, come to Victoria!! I am inviting all my American relatives to live with us in the event of a Trumpification of Amurka, although I am trying to stay positive for them…

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