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A Queen and Her Loyal Subjects

bees-on-carDid you ever get into your car, begin driving, and then discover there was a bee sharing the space with you?  I have had this happen, and for the most part I just keep driving, perhaps open a window a bit so the he/she can fly out if they so choose.  Next time, perhaps it would be better to stop right away and let the bee out of the car.  Here is what happened last month in Wales:  65-year-old Carol Howarth apparently got a bee in her car and either didn’t realize it or just wasn’t too concerned about it.  The bee, however, turned out not to be just an ordinary bee, but a queen bee!  Ms. Howarth drove on to a local shopping center and went in to do a bit of shopping, completely unaware that she had been followed!  Meanwhile, a National Park Ranger, Tom Moses, happened to be passing by and noticed a very strange sight indeed … a swarm of thousands of bees congregating on the rear of Ms. Howarth’s Mitsubishi!  Imagining all the things that could go wrong, both for passersby and the bees alike, Mr. Moses did the smart thing and called in a couple of professional beekeepers who helped capture the swarm.  Mr. Moses, by the way, refers to it as a ‘sting operation’, as he received several stings in the process.  Problem solved?  Not quite.  The next morning, Ms. Howarth awakened to find the swarm had returned and was once again lodged on the rear of her car!  The beekeepers were once again called in and it took until 6:00 that evening to capture and disburse all the bees!  I always heard that bees were loyal to their queen, but this … ? Queen Elizabeth, eat your heart out! I am not afraid of bees, per se, but I think seeing that many bees on my car would give me nightmares for a few weeks at least!

Where is the Best Place to Spot Wildlife in Alaska?


Where is the best place to spot a moose in Alaska?  Well, you might try the parking lot outside of Lowe’s in Anchorage.  Last Friday a female moose, possibly run from the woods by a bear, visited Lowe’s parking lot in search of the maternity unit.  Several bystanders noticed she was acting a bit strange, and before long noticed that she had just given birth to a beautiful, bouncing baby … moose.  As was to be expected a gaggle of humans soon surrounded the pair, and needless to say, all this gawking in what should have been a private moment distressed the moose, so store employees roped off a ‘safe zone’ to afford mother and baby some privacy.  Moose and calf spent about nine hours in the parking lot.  You can catch a video of them here.

The Next Right-Wing Ideology:  You WILL Eat Meat!



sausageIn the city of Tbilisi, the capital of the former Soviet republic of Georgia (the country, not the state), there is a new café, called Kiwi Cafe.  It is a small, vegan café with only 5-6 tables, and has been opened for just over a year.  The owners, Egoo and Skvo, have been having some problems from the community: “The neighbors don’t like us. We’ve got piercings; we’ve got tattoos; we’ve got dreadlocks. They think we’re weird. They think we’re dirty.”  But the criticisms and comments were nothing compared to what happened last week when 10-15 men, some wearing sausages ‘round their necks, others armed with skewers of meat, burst into the café and began violently throwing meat upon the diner’s plates!  A brawl ensued, with minor injuries reported but the perpetrators fled before police arrived.  According to witnesses, the police were not particularly sympathetic nor helpful.  Some speculate that it was the work of right-wing extremist groups similar to neo-Nazis.



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