DERAILED!  The last two posts I started have been derailed by my fingers, which chose to pursue a different path than my brain originally intended!  It has been this way for years … there is an almost complete disconnect between my brain and my body, and though the brain is the better, the smarter of the two, the body almost always wins the battle.  All of which has led me to the conclusion that I was born without a brain, and the one I have now was adopted early in my life. This could also explain why my fascination with politics and governance started early in life … I was 5 years old when I began following politics during the election between Eisenhower & Stevenson!  My brain was apparently much older when it was adopted than my body!

BooI started today’s post as one on homophobia, but quickly it morphed into one of Hillary’s and Trump’s responses to the Orlando mass murder, which in turn quickly morphed into one on conservatives vs. liberals, and then on to one about a Swedish girl and her punishment for being raped in Qatar, and … well, you get the picture.  On days like this, I might just as well let my fingers have their way.  I should have known this morning when our kittie Boo (Booker T. Washington, Boo for short) tried to log onto my computer using the wrong password!  I have taught him that password, and he just cannot seem to remember it!

fingersSo, I finally gave up on all the ideas that my brain had sculpted so brilliantly, and let my fingers have their way.  “Alright, digits, have at it … you think you’re so damn smart and that you rule the roost … type me a masterpiece,” I said.  And do you want to know what my fingers, all ten of them, did?  They went to the kitchen and found the tortilla chips!  So now am pretty certain that my digits are in cahoots with my mouth, which has also given me a problem today, as it refused … absolutely refused … to eat my morning banana, then it yelled at the kitty, even when I told it not to.  I think it is time to teach the body a lesson … for after all, without the brain, it is nothing more than ultimate mulch!

So this explains why all you get this morning is this gibberish post!  I shall be back later today with a post of a more serious nature, as soon as I cut my fingers off to teach them a lesson!

How to cut your fingers off - part one

12 thoughts on “DE-RAILED!!!

  1. it must be going around… I just left a comment on OM’s (Opinionated Man) site about something completely far-fetched. Earlier I discussed the intricacies of my theory of the nature of time and obscure messages scrawled on our fruit cellar wall back in the days of my dim childhood. I suppose it’s the influence of The Donald, who every day proves that he indeed CAN out-do himself on sheer…. uh… other-worldness? All these misguided air-heads that think he is Sooo wonderful and savior-like….what do they think will happen to the minions (constituents) who disagree with him in the horrendous nightmare of his … I can’t say it… no doubt borrow a phrase from the Red Queen OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! hahahaha–not!

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  2. Leave these poor fingers alone! 😉
    But I do get them too: random thoughts morphing into each other… it is often fun to follow them, although the sudden jumps sometimes confuse Husband… who is nice enough then not to suggest I am going crazy but instead politely asks for clarification…. 😉

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