A Letter, A Letter … I Got A Letter!

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Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2


Ms. Jill Dennison

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xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx, USA  xxxxx

15 June 2016

Dear Ms. Dennison,

Thank you for your letter of 13 November 2015, and subsequent telephone communique. I am delighted that you and your family have expressed interest in coming to Canada to live in the event of certain possible election results in November.  You seem to have studied the requirements, and I am sure you will have no problem passing the background check.  I must inform you, however, that there is currently legislation under consideration that you need to be aware of.  If passed by Parliament, the legislation would effectively close our borders to citizens of the United States at 12:01 a.m. on 9 November 2016 in the event that Americans elect Donald Trump as their next president.  It is indeed unfortunate that we need to do this, however it is, as I am certain you will understand, a measure necessary for the safety of Canada and our citizens.  There would be no way for us to identify, with hordes of American citizens pouring over our borders, which might be supporters of Mr. Trump, coming into our country to stir racism, cynicism, bigotry and hatred.

This is the first time we have considered such a measure and we do so with heavy hearts, as we have always considered Americans to be our friends and allies. However, there is too much risk involved.  I am certain you understand, as you live every day among such people and the dangers they pose to a civil society.  The threat posed by those who follow the ideology of Mr. Trump is no less than the threat of those who follow terrorist groups in the Middle East, and we simply cannot have Canada turned into another Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, or worse yet, become a puppet of the United States!

I would suggest, if you are still interested in relocating, that you send in your application form before the end of this month, as the paperwork, background checks, employment tests, etc., can take a few months to process.  If you relocate to Canada prior to 9 November, there will be no problem, but after that date there will be a two-year wait, during which time your activities, contacts and electronic communications will be monitored to determine if you have connections to any supporters of Mr. Trump.  Also remember that at least one member of your family must have a firm job commitment before you will be allowed to enter the country as residents.

One last thing.  In answer to your question about wedding gifts, since your wedding was in 1970, nearly fifty years ago, there will be no issue with any wedding presents you may still possess.  You may bring them into Canada with no customs fees.  I must say that you apparently take very good care of your possessions!

So, in closing, please feel free to contact me if you have any other concerns or questions, and I am happy that you have chosen Canada as your next potential home.  It appears, based on what you have told me, that you and your family will make valuable contributions to our great nation.  Thank you again for your interest!



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I have been under the weather this week, but when I received this letter in the mail, it did wonders for me!  Thank you, Prime Minister!


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