Sretan Ponedjeljak!

I decided to try something new with the title for this post, maybe even turn it into a weekly game.  The title is Happy Monday, but it is in a language other than English.  Each week, I think I will choose a different language and it is up to you, the reader, to see if you can figure out which language!  This week I will help you and give you the answer at the end of the post.

To the best of my knowledge, none of my cats like wine.  Of course, they could be tippling in secret, but I rather doubt it.  I did once have a dog who loved beer, though!  I would sit in the back yard, reading or just soaking up rays, set my beer in the grass by my side, and he would surreptitiously turn it over and lap every last drop if I didn’t catch him in the act!  Alcohol, it turns out, is actually quite bad for pets (probably not all that great for humans, either, but …).  Luckily Gomer was a good-size dog of about 80+ pounds and since he didn’t get beer often, I don’t think it had a lasting effect.

black cat and glass of red wine

Apparently some people (I’m guessing the same people who put rhinestone collars and fur coats on their pets) thought it would be really nice if they could enjoy a nice glass of wine with their feline friends.  (Sheesh, get a life, people)  Well, as we used to say in the Air Force (I was never in the Air Force – bad eyes) where there is a demand, somebody will find a way to fulfill it.  Along comes a company called Apollo Peak with a product just for your little Baboo, or Fifi, or whatever rich snobs name their cats..  The Denver-based company makes drinks for cats that look like wine, but is actually made with organic catnip and water and colored with organic beet juice.  Apollo Peak founder Brandon Zavala said, “It’s made like a tea, but since we got it to look so much like a wine, we want it to be perceived as a wine by the consumer — that way they can feel as though they are having a glass of wine with their pet.”   The product, first released last November, is currently available in stores in Colorado and online.  It is, by the way, veterinarian-approved, as beets are not toxic to animals.  If only for kicks, visit their website Apollo Peak … there is an adorable video of a cat drinking wine on their homepage.  It is a bit pricey in my opinion, but then hey … your companion is worth $12 or so, right?  Personally, I think it would be funny if the human, after a glass or two of her real wine, made a mistake and poured herself some of Fifi’s wine!

I generally try to stick to humorous news and views on Monday, but last week was so filled with tragedy that I am not finding a lot to laugh about.  However I have found some uplifting stories, some tales of generosity and humanity amid the rubble, and thought it might be more appropriate today to report a few of the good things that came out of those tragedies.  It is kind of a heart-warming, good news post, but perhaps falls short of humour.  But then, while I always believe it is good to laugh, sometimes it just seems not to be quite the right response to things.

mailboxes A community expressed their anguish and support for the family of Lane Graves – the 2-year-old who died after being attacked by an alligator at a Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday. The community of Elkhorn in Omaha, Nebraska, tied blue ribbons around mailboxes, doors and trees in honor of Lane on Thursday. “As a neighborhood, we hope that they just feel the love, basically of how much we care about them and — we can’t do anything to replace him but we want to let them know that we care,” said neighbor Jeff Nichols.  The neighbors spent the day adorning Elkhorn with the blue ribbons to show that they care, are deeply saddened and are willing to step in and help whenever the family is ready.  Someone even left a bouquet of flowers and white teddy bear on the porch of the family’s home.  Neighbors are organizing a “meal train” and getting volunteers to babysit Lane’s 4-year-old sister, Ella, when the family returns, to help with the mourning process.  On Friday, kids in Elkhorn sold “Lemonade For Lane” from noon to 5 p.m., and all proceeds will go building a memorial for the toddler.  On Thursday, members of St. Patrick Parish in Elkhorn held a mass for Lane in which 100 to 150 people attended and Kingdom Strollers in Orlando — which had rented a stroller to Lane’s parents, Matt and Melissa, for their Disney World visit — started a GoFundMe campaign for the family which has already raised over $50,000.
foodFollowing Sunday’s mass shooting, the Orlando food community has come together to support the city.   Chefs, caterers and restaurants have been utilizing the private Facebook group Culinary Cares: In Support of Pulse Orlando to coordinate food donations, as well as to alert one another of places in the city which would benefit from their help in the aftermath of the tragedy. Through the group — which was created by Kendra Lott, publisher of Edible Orlando magazine and her friend Gary Appelsies — thousands of meals have already been provided to people in Orlando.  Appelsies said that the group is just a way for those in the food community to show their support for those dealing with tragedy. In addition to providing food, people have also donated water, utensils, catering trucks and other supplies. Restaurants, restaurant groups, caterers, food writers and others have joined the giving efforts with much of the donations going to individuals in the medical community, blood donors, grief counselors and victims’ loved ones, among other recipients.

From nationwide rallies to blood drives to proud PDA displays, the LGBTQ community — and the world at large — shared sympathy and love with one another in the face of tragedy. Here are a few ways the world stood in solidarity with Orlando:

  • American Muslims Sent A Message Of Solidarity To Victims
  • Orlando Residents Showed Up In Multitudes At Vigil For Mostly Queer Latinx Victims
  • Artists Around The World Drew Their Pain And Love For Orlando
  • Thousands Lined Up To Give Blood Just Hours After The Attack
  • Hamilton Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Accepted Tony Award By Reading Powerful Sonnet To Orlando
  • Cities Worldwide Took To The Streets For Orlando In Crowded Vigils
  • World Landmarks Lit Up To Let International Pride Shine Through
  • Anderson Cooper Read Each Of The Victims’ Names Out Loud
  • Nurses Who Treated San Bernadino Victims Sent Love To Orlando
  • JetBlue Offered Free Flights To Orlando Victims’ Family Members


Many sent ‘thoughts and prayers’, which is all very nice, but some of these people actually did something to help someone …. gave of their time and money.  I believe that, despite what we see on a daily basis, there is a whole lot of goodness, compassion and love in most people.  Why does it always take a tragedy to bring out those qualities?  Why can we not treat our friends, our neighbors and co-workers with kindness, compassion and respect every day?

The title of the post is in Bosnian, by the way.  Until next Monday, imaju siguran i sretan danas !


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