Idiot of the Week: Rep. Pat Ownbey

Why is it that as soon as I finish writing about one big idiot, another one passes right before my very eyes?  Just when you think you have found the absolutely biggest, vilest, most disgusting creature, here comes one even worse!  I am thinking I should make this a regular feature of this blog … “Idiot of the Week”.  Meet today’s subject of the roast:  Oklahoma State Rep. Pat Ownbey.


Idiot of the Week – Pat Ownbey

Last week, Mr. Ownbey copied to his Facebook page a letter written by one Paul R. Hollrah (another bloomin’ idiot).  The title of the letter was “Radical Islam – A Final Solution”.  Remember that Hitler’s “Final Solution” was the Holocaust?  Well, just wait until you see what Mr. Hollrah’s concept is.  Now, I named Mr. Ownbey as the biggest idiot here, though Mr. Hollrah actually wrote the letter and the ideas posed in said letter are the creations of Mr. Hollrah.  Hollrah, however, while also a huge idiot, is basically a nobody, while Ownbey, being a representative of the people of Oklahoma and, as a member of Congress, a representative of us all, has a significantly higher standard to live up to, thus he is the bigger idiot for supporting the ideas of the other madman!

Please feel free to follow the link above for the entire letter, as it is much too long for me to include in this post.  Meanwhile, let me summarize.  Hollrah claims that Islam is not, in fact, a religion and therefore not eligible for 1st Amendment protections in the U.S.  Their goal, he claims, is to overthrow western governments by force and violence.  He calls for all Muslims to be quarantined, prohibited “from residing anywhere within the civilized nations of the Earth.” He goes on to suggest that since President Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron, and Chancellor Angela Merkel will not “do what is necessary to protect us,” the citizens of the western world must “take matters into our own hands.”

Okay, where to start?  First, the claim that Islam is not a religion.  Of course Islam is a religion!  It is nearly as old as Christianity and has nearly as many followers worldwide.  Let us look at the definition of religion: “The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.  A particular system of faith and worship.  A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.”  Surely there are other, more in-depth definitions, but these pretty well sum up the scope of what religion is.  I do not see anything that would exclude Islam.  It is neither the responsibility nor the right of any individual to decide what qualifies as a religion.  Period.  Islam is followed by 1.6 billion people worldwide, some 23% of the world’s population.  And since it is a religion, it is covered by the 1st Amendment.  Period.

The goal of Islam has nothing to do with overthrowing any governments, western or otherwise.  Like Christianity, there will always be a handful of radicals.  Think Westboro Church.  Think Pat Robertson.  You do not judge the whole based on the actions of the few!!!  How many times … oh never mind.  I am neither Christian nor Muslim, however I know a bit about each of those religions, enough to know that both are based on peace, not hatred.  The hatred is solely the creation of people, of individuals who have, for whatever reason, chosen to interpret their religion to suit their own warped ends, usually a thirst for power.  I have good friends who are Muslim.  They are as peaceable as am I … probably more so.

Finally, the premise that the citizens of the world must take matters into their own hands …. Frankly, this sounds like a threat against national security and I believe this man needs to be on a terrorist watchlist, or at least on the radar of Homeland Security.

All that said, Congressman Ownbey, having posted Hollrah’s letter, apparently fully agrees with the content and premise of the letter, as he made no comments to the contrary.  This, my friends, is not the behaviour I expect from a representative in the federal government!  I am more frightened of both Mr. Ownbey and Mr. Hollrah than I am of any group of Muslims!  These two gentlemen are terrorists, make no mistake.  They promulgate fear, and that is what a terrorist does.  Mr. Ownbey is up for re-election in November, and I beg the good people of Oklahoma to please get this man out of government! 

Earlier today I read two posts by a young fellow-blogger speaking of his African heritage.  One thing he said that struck me then, and seems appropriate in this post at this juncture was “When you let yourself imagine that all these and more were done to millions of people over a long period of time by other humans, you begin to feel almost guilty to be human.”  When I read of people like the two men in this post, I feel guilty to be a member of the same race, the human race.

7 thoughts on “Idiot of the Week: Rep. Pat Ownbey

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  2. Perhaps, to answer your opening question in this post, we might ponder aloud….there are far too many ‘such idiots around’…..Unless, as I am inclined to say, of late, we are witnessing the beginnings of ‘The Decline of the American Empire’……Remember the Empires of Old? 😉


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