New Weapon of Terrorism: Biscuits ‘n Salt???

Terrorism seems to have acquired a new weapon:  salt and biscuits!  Yes, you heard me … armed with nothing more than salt and biscuits in a faux explosive belt, a man identified only as JB managed to trigger a major security alert, shut down a major shopping mall, and cause an emergency meeting among key government ministers in Brussels.  JB claimed that he had been abducted, wired with the ‘suicide belt’, and dropped off at the City2 complex where he would be remotely detonated.  Not many details have been released as of this writing, but it seems likely that this was a hoax, as the man is previously known to police and considered to be somewhat unhinged.  Police did find the car he claimed he was transported in, and are now questioning another person in connection with the event.

Since the above story caught my eye, but it wasn’t enough for a full blog post, I decided to see what other ‘snippets from around the globe’ might be out there.  Sometimes it’s kind of fun just to go with a few short blurbs rather than the more in-depth standard fare.

elephant theme picThey are shooting elephants from helicopters!  But it’s all good.  I recently wrote about the horrors of poachers killing elephants to obtain the ivory from their tusks.  Well good news … some 500 elephants will be relocated to a safe sanctuary in Malawi’s Nkhotakota wildlife reserve.  Eventually the elephants will help increase the elephant population in other parts of Africa where poaching has depleted the species.  Now … how do you think you get 500 elephants from point A to point B?  Well, turns out that you cannot just ask them to form a line and go peacefully. The first step is to shoot them with tranquilizer darts … from a helicopter!  Next, the elephant is hoisted by crane into a crate (can you imagine the size of that crate???), then loaded onto a truck for the 185-mile journey.  The relocation is being done by African Parks, a non-profit group based in Johannesburg, and is expected to be completed sometime next year.  Great work!!!

duckieA rubber-duckie race run amok was raided by police!  A charitable organization in the UK, Midland Freewheelers Blood Bikes, provides free deliveries of blood and medical supplies to hospitals.  They rely solely on donations, so they periodically hold events, such as the rubber-duck race they sponsored in a Cotswolds village last Sunday.  Apparently it was great fun, with over 100 ducks in the water, children gleefully chasing them as they made their way downriver.  Until … the police showed up!  This particular village has been voted one of the most beautiful in Britain, but apparently the residents, while appreciative of beauty, also do not like the sound of people having fun, as they called police saying it was disruptive.  Police broke up the ‘boisterous’ event and there remains doubt whether the group will be able to hold the duck race in that location next year.  My question:  who was there to greet and congratulate the poor duckies at the end of the race?  Sigh.  Do people have nothing better to complain about?

lightning2Indians demand government make treaty with Mother Nature!  It is unclear just what they are asking the government to do, but in a two-day period, at least 93 people died in lightning storms in India, and the farmers are tired of risking their lives.  Lal Babu Usvaha, a farmer from Kanti Butiya village near the city of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, said: “Work is work. We can’t stop because of the weather. We have to keep working in the fields. But we feel scared when we see so many clouds, so much electricity in the sky.  We need help, but what will the government do? What has the government ever done for farmers?”  This is a perilous situation, certainly, and not to be made light of, however I still do not think the government can really do a whole lot to make the lightening go away!

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