Gelukkige maandag!


You Got To Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Fold ‘Em …

GamblesHis name is Larry Gambles, he is 65 years young, and is a retired school administrator from Chicago Public Schools.  He seems a kindly old gent, and nine years ago Mr. Gambles took a gamble and played the lottery using the numbers 01 – 06 – 12 – 14 – 25, which represent the jersey number of one of his football heroes, his jersey numbers from when he played football and basketball in high school, and the number he wore while in a fraternity at the University of Illinois.  He won $50,000 that day!  Since then, he has continued playing the same numbers, buying seven tickets at the beginning of every week at the same place, Harvey’s Corner BP in Matteson, Illinois.  Last month, his persistence paid off in a big way … he hit the $1.3 million jackpot!  Asked if he thinks there is a relation between his luck and his last name, he says no, “I equate gambling with dice, cards and casinos. To me, lottery is just luck.”  Mr. Gambles plans to share his winnings with family and friends.  Now that is the kind of person you like to see win the lottery!  Enjoy your winnings, Mr. Gambles!

Ebony And Ivory, Live Together In Perfect Harmony, Side By Side ….

Matt White was buying groceries at his local Kroger in Memphis, Tennessee when a young boy, 16-year-old Chauncy Jones Black, approached him and asked if he would buy him a pack of glazed doughnuts in exchange for carrying his groceries to his car.  Little did either know how fortuitous this meeting would be!  Mr. White began talking to the teen and found that he lives with his disabled mother who receives social security, but not food stamps, and that they had no food at home.  He also discovered that young Chauncy is a straight A student who is hoping to one day own his own a business, “so that he could help other people in his neighborhood and buy them groceries like me.”  Matt White’s heart melted (don’t you just love it when that happens?) and he bought Chauncy his doughnuts as well as a few bags of groceries, then gave him a ride home.  Upon arriving, Matt White was in for quite a shock … not only was there no food to eat, but also no furniture to sit or sleep on.  Chauncy and his mother were sleeping on pads made out of sleeping bags.


White wanted to help, but he wanted to find a way to help young Chauncy help himself … give him a leg up, so to speak.  When he returned home that night, he wrote a fairly lengthy post to his Facebook page describing his encounter with Chauncy and the conditions under which he was living.  (The post is too lengthy for me to include in this post, but here is a link link  if you want to check it out … it is well worth the read) The post ‘went viral’, and some suggested White set up a GoFundMe site to ask for donations to the cause.  Now, I wrote a while back about GoFundMe, and my review was not very favourable, but obviously there are some good causes out there, and this appears to be one.  Anyway, Matt White asked for donations totaling $250, thinking he would use that money to get Chauncy Black an ID and a lawnmower so that he could start earning some money mowing lawns.  Well, that goal was met within hours, and White increased the request, hoping to be able to buy a bit of furniture and clothing.  Long story short, as of a few days ago, the GoFundMe page has collected over $72,000!  Matt is going to use the money to help Chauncy and his mother buy and furnish their very own home!  Young Chauncy Black and his mother are happy and grateful beyond words.  And Matt White deserves a two-thumbs-up for humanitarian efforts going well above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

We Can Make A Difference, We Can Make A Change, We Can Make The World A Better Place


Jia Wenqi, 54, lost both of his arms when he was three years old after touching a power line.  Jia Haixia, 55,  lost his eyesight in a quarry accident in 2000.  Together, these two gentlemen are the very definition of “teamwork”.  Together, they have planted a small forest of some 10,000 trees near their village in Hebei Province, near Beijing.  In recent years, over-development in China has left the landscape depleted and barren, so these two childhood friends took it upon themselves to turn things around.  It has not been easy … the first year, 2002, they planted 800 trees and only two survived.  “Originally, we planted trees to make money, but now it’s for the environment — to improve air quality,” Haixia said. “We don’t have any income. We depend on social welfare … [But] even though we are poor, we feel substantial.”  These two childhood friends have the knack of working together and overcoming their physical limitations down pat!  A camera company, GoPro, made a short 10+ minutes, film of the two in action, titled You’ll Be My Arms, I’ll Be Your Eyes    If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, at least watch the segment that starts at about 1:30 … I have rarely seen anything so amazing as watching Wengi chop cabbage with no arms!  Jia and Jia are truly inspirational … and an example of the ‘can-do’ spirit we could all use just a bit more of.

So that’s it for this Monday!  Did anybody figure out the ‘language of the week?’ … i know at least one of my readers got it … right, Choosing?  Anyway, Heb een goede week!


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