A Brief Hiatus … and a Bit of Humour

'Camping has made our relationship so much more in tents!'

This will be my last original post until Wednesday, 06 July.  I am taking a mini-vacation, going camping with a dear friend, and will be away from television, news, computer, and all the stresses of daily life.  This is my first vacation of any sort since 2008, so I am psyched!  I have scheduled a few of my older posts that you may have missed to be posted in my absence, and I will return on the 6th rested, happy, and full of new ideas!  Meanwhile, for this parting post, I decided to lighten up with a bit of humour!  To my U.S. friends, have a fun and safe holiday weekend!  I will look forward to ‘seeing’ you all upon my return!

ANDREW, Guernsey, 30 June – A concerned tourist found a dead cat while walking along the beach. Saddened, and wondering if perhaps the cat had been the victim of abuse, the person gently wrapped the cat in a blanket and placed it in a box, then took it to the Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. There, manager Steve Byrne began to check the animal … only, to the surprise of both the good Samaritan and Mr. Byrne, he discovered that it was not a cat at all!  It was a very wet and muddy dog and not any normal dog but a hand puppet!  Funny story, but I cannot believe the person picked it up, wrapped it in a blanket, and didn’t realize it wasn’t a dead animal.  They cleaned the toy up and are hoping to find its rightful owner.  Before and after pictures below.


TORONTO, 30 June – Question for you:  what is the largest living rodent in the world?  Don’t worry if you don’t know … I didn’t either.  The answer is a capybara, a South American mammal that resembles a giant, long-legged guinea pig. It lives in groups near water.  Until today, I had never even heard of a capybara, but I must admit that, for a rodent, they are rather cute.  Turns out a zoo in Toronto, Canada, had two of the capys, but about a month ago they both escaped in a getaway that was being compared to fugitive crime duo Bonnie and Clyde.  The first was recaptured at a local park about 2 weeks after the escape, but the second escapee remained elusive and it was feared forever lost.  Until yesterday, when the Toronto Parks Department received a phone call from a resident at about 7 a.m. saying “come and get your capybara.”  The pair have been happily re-united, but are grounded for their misdeeds and will not be placed back on display immediately.  Pictures below.


OWEN SOUND, Ontario, 28 June – There is a term for a sudden headache caused by eating ice cream too fast:  brain freeze.  I have never experienced it, as ice cream is a rare treat for me, so I savour it slowly when I do eat it.  And I usually share it with at least one cat.  Deanne McCrae of Ontario, Canada, was doing exactly that, sharing with her cat, Rascal, when apparently Rascal got a bit too much, too quickly and appeared to suffer from brain-freeze.  Check out the video: Rascal’s Brain Freeze Event

5-year-old Danielle Koning was about to be adopted by her long-term foster parents.  Adoption hearings are typically fairly staid and serious affairs, but not this one!  A group of foster care workers, and even the judge got involved in making this day one that will forever live in young Danielle’s memory as a treasured and special day!  When Danielle entered the courtroom, she was met by a group of Disney princesses!  The judge, by the way, dressed as Snow White.  Check out this link to see the fun and festivities!   Danielle’s Disney Princess Adoption Hearing    (Story contributed by my granddaughter, Natasha)



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