Lewandowski – A Trump Plant?

So, Donald Trump fires his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski on Monday, June 20th, and CNN hires Lewandowski to be a political commentator on Thursday, June 23rd.  Why?  This move makes absolutely no sense and is proving to be a terrible mistake, at least in the eyes of the viewing public.

lew2First of all, Mr. Lewandowski signed a non-disclosure agreement that likely includes “During the term of your service and at all times thereafter, you hereby promise and agree not to demean or disparage publicly the company, Mr. Trump, any Trump company, any family member, or any family member company.”  So he cannot do ‘unbiased’ reporting.  Second, Mr. Lewandowski has historically shown a lack of respect bordering on volatile toward members of the press.  Point in case:  his manhandling of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields at a campaign rally.  Though charges were dropped, the incident happened, and he was caught on tape … a video that every news viewer saw, so there is no plausible denial.  An investigation by Politico back in March reported that he was “rough with reporters and sexually suggestive with female journalists, while profanely berating conservative officials and co-workers he deemed to be challenging his authority.”

Most shook their head, on hearing that CNN had snatched up Lewandowski so quickly, and asked the same question I asked:  WHY?  What has he to offer us, the viewers?  The answer, it turns out, is nothing, possibly even less than nothing.  And what has he to offer CNN in exchange for a reportedly fat salary?  Quite possibly a loss of viewers and the beginning of their fall into the pit of news network oblivion.  For my part, I did not turn CNN on this morning, as I usually do, nor have I checked their website. There are a handful of CNN anchors/reporters that I respect, that I see as relatively intellectual, thought-provoking, and yet non-confrontational, including Christiane Amanpour, Peter Bergen, Wolf Blitzer, Donna Brazile, Bill Press, and Fareed Zakaria.  The addition of a crass, right-wing former Trump advisor is a slap in the face to these men and women, in fact to all serious journalists.

Thus far, Lewandowski has proven to be as much of a dud as we all anticipated.  Here are a few of his comments regarding his former employer’s shenanigans:

  • “Mr. Trump’s best speech of the presidential cycle.”
  • “This is a very, very strong message for him and, I think, the best speech he’s given all cycle.”
  • “The speech was delivered clearly, articulately, and again, the best speech of the campaign so ”
  • “Trump is the only person who’s going to save this country for my children.”

Oh please, shoot me now!


When asked by fellow reporter Alisyn Camerota why Donald Trump went to the UK and criticized the president, when there is an unwritten rule that this simply is not good etiquette, he deflected the question and muttered a bunch of gibberish about how wonderful it was that Trump and family built such a wonderful golf course in Scotland.  More recently, he defended Trump’s use of the Star of David to attack Hillary Clinton.


Those are the facts of the matter.  Now for my speculation.  Lewandowski’s termination from Donald Trump’s employ seemed a bit enigmatic at the time.  There appeared to be no hard feelings on either side; Lewandowski expressed no anger, disappointment, or other emotion that would be normal and expected under the circumstances, especially one with a proven volatile temperament.  Within hours of his termination, Lewandowski interviewed with both MSNBC and CNN.  Three days later he is hired on by CNN as a political commentator despite the fact that CNN executives had to know his history toward journalists and had to know that he was bound by a non-disclosure agreement.  (In addition, the man has the personality of a dead sloth, but that is not relevant) That said, I cannot help wondering if this was a pre-conceived plan to plant a Trumpian in one of the most-viewed cable news networks in the nation.

Though most news agencies lean at least slightly toward one side or another when it comes to politics and social issues, CNN has a history for being among the least biased of the major news providers.  I am not doling them stars here, as they have other faults, but overall, they have had commentators and reporters from both sides of the aisle and try to present both sides somewhat fairly.  They certainly top MSNBC and Fox!  However, this latest hiring is not only a push to the right, but to a specific candidate on the right.  Since he emphatically defended Trumps anti-semitic tweet last week, it will be quite interesting to see if CNN has drawn any line in the sand, and if so, where that line lies. Perhaps by next year it will be called DNN … “Donnie’s News Network”.

Then there is the matter of salary.  It is well-documented that Mr. Lewandowski earned $20,000 per month plus the benefit of an apartment, and I am certain other ‘benefits’ while working as Donald Trump’s campaign manager.  The base salary alone comes to $240,000.  But, some months Trump paid Lewandowski as much as $75,000.  So, some simple math, simply averaging the two, and Mr. Lewandowski was quite possibly earning about $570,000 per year, not including his apartment.  When CNN President Jeff Zucker hired Lewandowski, rumour had it that his contract was for $500,000.  Zucker later denied the rumour, saying “I can assure you we are paying him nowhere near $500,000.”  Really?  So, Lewandowski is willing to take a huge salary cut simply to sit in front of a camera with his powdered nose and say nice things about his former boss?  I don’t think so.

I believe that Lewandowski continues on the Trump payroll to this day and beyond.  I believe this is a huge farce to plant Lewandowski in a major news network to toot the Trumpet in an attempt to recruit even more lemmings to walk over the cliff.  No, I have no proof of this, it is strictly speculation on my part. However, there are far too many curious aspects, too many unanswered questions surrounding the entire matter.  To use the tired old phrase, ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’ … and it is getting smokier here than an old backroom pool hall!


45 thoughts on “Lewandowski – A Trump Plant?

  1. So Corey has joined the ranks of the Trump apologizers…the people like that awful Katrina, and Scottie…who are “FOR” Donald Trump no matter what, and spout his rhetoric and stupid/deadly ideas verbatim. However, these people are commentators…they just “comment” and not are general reporters. These “experts” on whatever fopic is timely are not on the same level as Erin Burnet, Brooke Baldwin, Poppy Harlow, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, etc…who are in Anchor positions with CNN… or with correspondents Christine Amanpour, Barbara Starr, and others. Or with serious well-rounded guests such as Donna Brazile.

    The Trump supporters are well-paid, loyal, blind “talkers,” they get up there and Talk and spout Trump rhetoric and stupidity, and the supporters out there who buy that “make America great again” stuff will continue to be Trumpeters. On the other hand Hillary Clinton’s supporters will continue to be for her. Hopefully enough of a majority of voters with common sense and any political savvy at all will be able to carry the tide in November.

    We are not voting for a Saint in the fall election…but for someone who knows what they are doing and has had years of experience. Personally I don’t believe in the negative trumped-up (haha, no pun intended there) accusations and aspersions against Secretary Clinton…and my support of her is because I genuinely believe she is the best candidate.

    If you ask me, I think Corey Lewandoski and those silly women (we can include Sarah Palin there) are more COMIC RELIEF than genuine intelligent input into the news. It is easy to see the contempt the REAL news people have for some of these “commentators” … Erin and Brooke and the others are usually looking for serious open discussion rather than trash-talking from the Trump campers.

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        • indeed! I see Trump is predicting (promising?) more “trouble” to come. I weep for my city, Cleveland, already! I for one will stay home and mind my business….which, admittedly, is complaining about and exposing what I can of the atrocities against our nation. 🙂

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          • Yes, I anticipate a rough week ahead for Cleveland. Glad to know you will be staying safely home! It is a sad state of affairs when violence has become the norm for democratic processes.


            • Yes, and Cleveland has been pretty good so far about not having riots…well, except for an incident at the Cavs parade. I have no reason to go downtown, and I’m certainly not going down there during the convention. I am worried about it though…my daughter works at metro hospital and needs to get to work…and granddaughter is a social worker also works downtown area. It will be interesting to see how they maintain hospital traffic.

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              • Yes, and I wonder, with the majority of law enforcement being placed into service in and around the convention center and activities, will ‘common’ criminals see it as an opportunity to create mischief and mayhem elsewhere in the city? Hope your daughter and granddaughter are able to avoid any problems! Ten days from now it should all be over 🙂


                • I hope they have the National Guard on alert…I sure would if I were in charge! The local police, Highway Patrol, and sheriffs ate expected to stick to their home-beats. All that money spent on riot gear could be better spent on feeding the homeless or something. Having said good stuff about the cops…they do harbor those who shot the 12-year-old with the toy gun. sigh… stay tuned. My old journalist vibes are coming up though…if I wasn’t so decrepit I would be sorely tempted. 🙂

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                    • oh, and for what it’s worth… Newt Gingrich gets my vote for VP. We don’t need any of those holier-than-thou preachers in there…and even the folks in Michigan apparently don’t like him??

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                    • I understand your point on Gingrich … he may well be the lesser of the evils. However … logically I think I would rather see Trump select somebody who is more … inappropriate … to turn even more voters against him. Perhaps America’s #1 Bimbo? 😀

                      Who do you like as running mate for Hillary? I rather like Julian Castro, but I don’t think she will pick him.


                    • Sherrod Brown. As for Gingrich, I guess I’m trying to think the unthinkable and extrapolate
                      “life with Trump.” I don’t like Republicans in general (except locally) but Newt might be the lesser of evils. Bimbo? Please…the candidate of the national joksters who just don’t get it when it comes to worrying about the nation’s future.

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                    • Oh I know … I am just trying to think of the person that would be most likely to REDUCE Trump’s chances of actually winning. I really dread the thoughts of all that packing and moving in the event of him winning 😉


                    • on the other hand, it might be interesting to see what happened in that dreadful eventuality. 🙂 I DO like daughter Ivanka, though, I’d like to see a “Daddy, Dear” autobiography some day. Such parental control is mind-boggling. Actually, I don’t think Gingrich would get along with “the boss” very well…Christie the syncophant maybe the worst. Just think what he could do with the highway traffic problems? .


                    • where would you move to? I might have moved a decade ago, but now I have my son with me (always have, but he has regressed somewhat) and my dream of being “alone” is shot. All my cats would have to move…sigh.

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                    • Canada is looking better by the day! Justin Trudeau seems like a really good leader, and I could still keep tabs on the situation here, only from a safe distance! 😀


                    • Yes, in one of my earlier posts I suggested that they might well, if Trump should be elected, decide to build a wall to keep us out! So far, however, they are actually accepting immigrants from the U.S. and the qualifications are not overly restrictive. A background check and job commitment are the two main requirements. 😀


                    • one of my aunts moved to Canada in the 70s because of Vietnam. Her sons (my cousins) are Canadian citizens, their sister is not. I have always been awed by that. Aunt and Uncle could not move back to the US because of health care considerations…

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            • the GOP convention will be especially NOT democratic…the whole electoral process is upside down now. If they could keep outside agitators out, the cops wouldn’t have too much trouble with our local homegrown protesters. (In theory anyway, 🙂

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  2. It’s quite possible that your faith in CNN is ill advised! It does sound like a plan to get Trump’s name on a “respected” network at a time when he is getting hours of free promotion from the other “major” networks. As I have said on a blog post, if Trump farts it makes news. Sanders, in contrast, couldn’t buy air time. It might have to do with the fact that 90% of the news we hear or read comes from one of the five corporations that own the major media outlets. You think?

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    • Yes, my faith in CNN has lost points this month, for this and other, as-yet unmentioned blunders! You know … I find that the most reliable U.S. news I can find actually comes from overseas sources … The Guardian, Der Spiegel and a couple of others. Sigh. 🙂

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    • unfortunately Trump’s name is all too prominent on all the media. It is they that built this dangerous mouse into a erupting mountain… (to murder a metaphor)… you know, I keep thinking of the words “treason” and “sedition” and pondering whether these things apply. I thought it was against the law of the nation to incite riots…create dissent…slander public officials… or was I day-dreaming in high school government class? If the press is Frankenstein, their monster is a huge success.


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