It Is Easier Not To Think …

Another shooting of police officers is breaking news as I write.  It happened mid-morning, but already people are rushing to judgment and you know, of course, who they blame.  BlackLivesMatter, the African-American community as a whole, President Obama and Hillary Clinton.  No firm, fast facts are yet available as I write this, yet the armchair crowd have drawn their conclusions.  A few of the comments I have thus far seen:

  • These BLM killings of police officers is going to hand Trump the Presidency……nice little group, that you liberals claim, are going to be Hillary’s downfall. 
  • This is the America Obama has brought. You can disagree all day long but it’s the damn truth. It’s only going to get worse folks because stupid is the new cool. This ain’t nothing yet. Wait tell the Republican National Convention..
  • It is exactly what they want. No cops than marshal law! Obama agenda all along. Another sad day for all Americans
  • This is getting out of hand…national guard needs to step in and shut these ridiculous protest down southern style…these are hate groups not peaceful protest to make a much violence
  • I have a feeling Obama is going to declare martial law soon. And guess who will remain president?
  • The war has begun……and “… if war must come, let it be in my time, so our children will know peace.”.
  • Here we go all out war I knew it was coming SAD !!!
  • Blacks are showing the world they are not equal.
  • This is for the idiotic people saying Alton Sterling was murdered…you have answered a question I’ve had for years. “Do mentally disabled people know they are handicapped?”. BLM and you subhuman morons keep glorifying career criminals. It’s very difficult to listen and respect people that truly believe the white race is out to kill every one of them. I won’t respond to any moron until they come sit with me and take an IQ test first. I pity your family and society, as we all have to deal with your ignorant subhuman way of “thinking”. I will leave with this…How many white people (the same white people you call the devil), protested, looted, and murdered cops after OJ was found innocent?
  • Send in the national guard to contain and get these thugs/monkeys/idiots off the streets and in a cage where they belong. Im going to be so happy when they do call them in, then every black person that’s saying they should stop killing blacks will start posting #blacklivesmatter everywhere when more idios are killed for being dumb. You play stupid games you win stupid prizes. If black people only realized that are putting HUGE targets on their backs with all this nonsense

This is just a sampling that I saw without even going in search of.  All posted within about 2-3 hours of the news breaking.  There were hundreds more comments like this.  Judging by the grammar and spelling, my theory about the un-educated holds. In fairness, there were also those who called for calm, who said, as I am saying, ‘let us wait for some facts and even then, let us not be judgmental.  This is only adding another layer to the problem, and is not helping anything.’

I have made the point before, and today I am making it again, that the problem lies in the hearts and minds of We The People.  It is so much easier to hear news like this and jump to a conclusion, point a finger, and feel self-righteous.  So much easier than reading to educate yourself, easier than waiting for actual facts to emerge, easier than considering a view that might challenge our pre-conceived notions.

Remember when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both jumped to the conclusion, just minutes after hearing of the crash of Egypt Air flight MS804 back in May, that there was “no doubt” that terrorism was the cause?  Well, turns out that was not likely the case, though the crash remains under investigation and nothing has as yet been taken off the table.  The two candidates for the highest office in the nation couldn’t be troubled to temper their comments pending some actual facts, thus they were left with egg on their face.  But have you heard either of them recant?  Have you heard them admit they jumped the gun, or apologize?  So if our future leaders act this way, what message does that send to We The People, especially the lemmings who are incapable of thinking for themselves?

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, a four-day event that has basically invited the lunatics to come out of the woodwork and stir even more violence and unrest.  We can hope that humanity shows its better side, but the odds are that blood will be shed, as all have been invited, in fact encouraged, to bring handguns and rifles into the area specifically designated as a protest area.  And when the first shot is fired, you can bet the un-and-under-educated will begin ranting and spouting on social media in their usual careless manner.  And the lemmings will continue playing follow the leader, never understanding why.  And somehow it will all be the fault of President Obama and Hillary Clinton … and those of us who think.

11 thoughts on “It Is Easier Not To Think …

  1. “Der Spiegel” of today contained an article about racism and the escalation of violence in the U.S. It is a good one, I think, so if you can find it in the English version too, it is worth reading. – For us in Europe the news is still dominated by the terrorist attack in France and the events in Turkey though. …. It seems to be burning everywhere these days. 😦


    • I have quit thinking that the lemmings will develop thought processes. The only hope now is in sheer numbers … that those who think will vote democrat and that there are more of us who think than there are lemmings. Harsh? Yeah, but honest.

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    • Oh, no doubt! I am pretty sure the GOP does not have enough of an organized plan to keep the nomination from da trumpeter, which is too bad, but at this point, yes, it would lead to a revolt the likes of which you and I have never seen!


  2. The only part of the only comment I agree with is that there is too much violence. Both Clinton and Trump have long ago lost any semblance of credibility with me so I don’t take what they say about any issue of significance seriously.

    as being anything

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