Idiots of the Week #1 – Roger & Ann Stone

I have no less than five people sitting waiting in the wings to be declared Idiot of the Week!  I told you they just fall into my lap!  For this first one, I have selected a couple … a once married couple … Roger and Ann Stone.  I am betting that most of you reading this never heard of them, am I right?  Neither are particularly important people, not political figures in the traditional sense, yet both have come into the spotlight this week and each has shown himself/herself to be fully qualified for the title of Idiot of the week.

Roger Stone is a political consultant, lobbyist and strategist, usually for candidates of the Republican Party. He was a principal with Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly.  Does the name Manafort ring any bells?  As in Donnie Trump’s acting campaign manager?  At any rate, Roger Stone was part of the Trump entourage until last August when he was fired amidst a series of controversies.  He has, however, continued as an ally, supporter and advisor to Trump. 


On Tuesday, it is said that Stone advised Trump that he must run his campaign like a dictatorship, that trying to run his campaign as a democracy would only lead to divisiveness and rivalries.  But no, it is not that which qualifies him for the Idiot of the Week title.  It is that “series of controversies” that got him fired from the Trump Circus Train last year.

Stone was banned from both CNN and MSNBC last year for a number of highly offensive, racist and sexist Twitter posts he made about CNN contributors.  He called Ana Navarro an “entitled diva bitch” and said “black beans and rice didn’t miss her.” He also called Roland Martin a “stupid negro” and a “token buffoon” and instructed him to “eat some more Popeye’s.”  That is what earned him this honour.

Stone also carries the responsibility for having leaked the untrue story to the tabloid National Enquirer back in March, that Trump’s rival Ted Cruz had extramarital affairs with five women.  Earlier this year, as the GOP was yet hoping to be able to find some way around handing Trump the nomination, Stone threatened a massive revolt if that were to happen, and further threatened to publicize the hotel room numbers of every delegate who went against Trump.  Even Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said that Stone’s threat to publicize the hotel room numbers of delegates was “just totally over the line.”  Really nice guy, don’t you think?  This is the type of person that Donald Trump surrounds himself with.  This is the type of person he aligns with.  This is the type of person he is.  Oh, and by the way … not that it matters one way or another, but Stone has Richard Nixon’s face tattooed on his back!  Further proof, if you needed it, that he is a nutcase.


Ann-stoneYes, but why his ex-wife, you might ask.  And I would answer that Mrs. Stone is, in her own way, almost as bad as Mr. Stone.  First of all, she was married to good old Roger for 26 years, from 1974 – 1990.  Anybody who could stay married to someone like him for 26 years has problems.  Remember in a previous post I mentioned the “Women Vote Trump” rally that was held in Cleveland on Monday?  That was the one where only 17 people showed up.  Well, Ann Stone was one of the 17.  Not only was she one of the 17, but she is also the co-founder of Women Vote Trump.  Obviously, those 26 years married to Roger gave her a very low self-image and one could almost feel sorry for her were she not so stupid.  Among her comments at the rally was “He [Trump] has a track record with women that is amazing!”  Seriously?  Well, I guess you could call it amazing, depending on how you wish to define “amazing”.  Let us take a quick look at that “track record”, shall we?

  • “I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?”
  • “It’s certainly not groundbreaking news that the early victories by the women on ‘The Apprentice’ were, to a very large extent, dependent on their sex appeal.”
  • “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”
  • “Women have one of the great acts of all time. The smart ones act very feminine and needy, but inside they are real killers. The person who came up with the expression ‘the weaker sex’ was either very naive or had to be kidding. I have seen women manipulate men with just a twitch of their eye — or perhaps another body part.”
  • “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?”
  • “My favorite part [of ‘Pulp Fiction’] is when Sam has his gun out in the diner and he tells the guy to tell his girlfriend to shut up. Tell that bitch to be cool. Say: ‘Bitch be cool.’ I love those lines.”
  • “Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a man who is certain about what he wants and sets out to get it, no holds barred.” Don’t be confused … yes, he actually said this about himself, referring to himself in third person.
  • “All of the women on ‘The Apprentice’ flirted with me — consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”
  • “If I were running ‘The View’, I’d fire Rosie O’Donnell. I mean, I’d look at her right in that fat, ugly face of hers, I’d say ‘Rosie, you’re fired.’”
  • “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”
  • “Look at that face. Would anybody vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?! I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not s’posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious? ” Has he looked in a mirror lately … like in the past 20 years?
  • “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever. ”
  • “A person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.”
  • “Her ass is too fat.”
  • “Well, you never get to the face because the body’s so good.”
  • “You have to treat ’em like shit.”


While by no means a complete list, I cannot go on!  I am sickened, angered and disgusted just reading these.  Yes, folks, these are what Ann Stone refers to as Trump’s “amazing track record with women.”  Need I further elaborate on why she, along with her ex-husband, share the honour of Idiot of the Week?

Stay tuned … I still have at least four more people waiting in the wings to claim this honour!

27 thoughts on “Idiots of the Week #1 – Roger & Ann Stone

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  6. Yeah, I got about an inch in; into that Roger Stone piece on Netflix. …. boring!

    It was David Icke who characterized the last POTUS election as one between a catastrophe and a disaster. That the disaster won. As a Canadian, I am neither for nor against, either Democrats or Republicans. I mean right there. That gives away the whole charade of politics in U.S. Oh and Mr. Stone? A braggart, self inflated ego, that cannot see that there is more to life than what’s in the sewers. Eventually Mr. Stone will die and be no more, than dust in the wind. Like the rest of us. Cheers Jamie

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    • Quite true. You are lucky to be a Canadian … I have enormous respect for Justin Trudeau and briefly considered relocating to Canada after last year’s election. But, I decided to stay here and try to make a difference. Welcome and thanks for joining my blogging community!

      Liked by 3 people

      • Really? As far as I’m concerned the apple does not fall far from the tree, in Mr. Trudeau’s case. If ever there was a candidate groomed for to do the bankers work it is he. His farther gave the honest working people of BC, the old two-fingered salute in early eighties. I find the names of political parties to be a sort of doublespeak. Where the Conservatives, do not conserve and the Liberals are really not liberal. Yet, I digress.

        “Welcome and thanks for joining my blogging community”!

        Thanks! yet you joined mine first. No matter. You will hate me? Maybe? But I was rooting for Trump, over Clinton. Only because I thought she was actually the bigger threat, to peace. Also as corrupt, as all get out. Wherever she went, she seemed to leave a trail of filth.

        Now obviously we are seeing the real Mr. Trump, or at least his deep state military control.

        Globally, the world is in a terrible state and we are leaving Kali yuga and entering Sat yug. So, this upheaval has many people in a confused state.

        Hopefully? Others will see that any sort of war; will mean the end of their holiday homes and private yachts, the country estates and ranches. For the prospect of living underground for the next 10,000 years or so should scare off anyone who considers a nuclear war can be won? Me? I’ll be dead and again, hopefully, my karma will allow for re-birth away from this strange place?

        Oh and for your info. Canada is a different place from 1960’s. American’s are not able to just migrate, as they once did. They have to get in line, like everyone else. You would have to deal with seven months of winter here, unless you can afford to live in the few places lower than the 48th. As well, we have corruption, nepotism, like everywhere else in the world. Oh and a job? Not easy to find them. Not well paying ones. NAFTA took care of that along with all the manufacturing, moving to China. It would be like living in the state of Texas, coast to coast. The country is run, not through good sense but the secret handshake club. We just say please and thank you more …

        With thanks, Cheers Jamie

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        • Dear Jamie … No, I don’t hate you. A lot of people supported Trump over Hillary for the very same reasons that you did. Some are now waking up and asking what the heck they did, others are still asleep, but not for much longer, I suspect. And my views of Canada and Trudeau are, admittedly, narrow in scope. I have heard from a few in recent weeks that tell me Canada is not the wonderland I believed it to be, and Trudeau is not the poster boy I believed. At some point, I will look into all this and form my own opinions, but for now, I must respect the ideas of those of you who live there. I do appreciate your well-thought comments and take them to heart, making notes to do further research in the future. Take care, my friend!


          • Thanks Ms. Dennison! Perhaps “hate” was a word misplaced? I have been a bleeding heart liberal, for many years. I’m just tired of the manipulations by the bankers. The international ones. For what it’s worth, my son gets mistaken for Justin all the time. I keep telling him to get a suit and wear it around town for extra cash? Joking aside, it is an irritant for him. He even grew a beard when JT was first elected PM to avoid the comparisons.

            Getting back to the Stones and not the rolling variety. People like him and the Podestas of this world, we could do without. Like the fish that clean the teeth of the crocodiles, they are inevitable. I imagine they inhabit every court since time immemorial? They are actually bottom feeders, except in their own minds. From the swamp, that Mr. trump claimed he would drain. So, another election promise broken. What does one do with a “mad dog” anyway? Cheers Jamie


  7. Bravo on an eye opening and informative article.

    I am not a person to mince words so here are my thoughts on yor thoughts.

    (1) Stone’s Nixon tattoo should have been placed on his butt the more appropriate setting. Tricky Dicky would then ass(ume) a prominent place for Stone whenever he visits the throne for the day.

    (2) I find that Women for Trump supporters are as you say disenfranchised females who want to cling to the image of a strong , domineering male figure but cringe at the thought that this figure would ever try to grab their genitals as a mark of friendly greeting. Donnie has his fingers in enough pies now to prevent him from resurrecting that nasty social inconvenience.

    (3) Never trust aything that the Natonal Enquirer deems to be true. The lot of their stories are unfounded, their reporeters unethical and unreliable and the content of their reports are so doctored that Adobe ‘s Photo program has a disclaimer on the box wrning that it’s product is not to be used by the National Enquirer.

    (4) The argument that Ms Clinton “could not satisfy her husband” might be explained by the fact that ego centric individuals ( Bill Clinton, Trump, John F. Kennedy) are conquerer worms and the women they bed and “satisy” are insecure and often hired as sex apparatchiks. It is rumored that Kennedy had the CIA find women for him to bed. Hail to the chief.

    (5) Belittling women because of their not perfect 10 credentials is a cop out. Freudian thinking would suggest that these men have small penises, cum too quickly before the race is over and then grumble because the women they bedded did not give them back change from a twenty dollar bill. I think the ladies got the short end of the stick and short changed. We all know that Billie used Havanna cigars to stoke Monika’s fires.

    (6) Racial profiling, slurs and other ethnocentric put downs should indicate the lack of civility and socail acumen that these foul mouthed imbecils freely project to the public.Their mental handicaps only enforce the notion that “birds of a feather flock together. 🙂

    As Forrest Gump offered as his final statement “That is all I have to say about this.

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  11. Never rains but storms idiots…. 😉
    Seriously, though, I cannot understand how people can get away with such blatant ‘incitement to hatred’…..I know of countries with Constitutions that makes such comments/remarks a crime….. Hugs!

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      • we are out of the wood work bitch …the white male is alive and well ..and we are going to win this war. I cant wait until it goes hot and we can have the marx/commie final solution. lets see how many regressive left we can get in ovens ..oh vey remeber the 6 gorillion..your time is up motherfuckers


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