Countering BS Arguments

While I was debating about whether I wanted to write a post pointing out the fallacies in Trumps acceptance speech at the RNC last week, Erik Hare of Barataria was writing the post! It often works this way … I’m still pondering while he is actually doing! At any rate, his post says everything I would have said and much more, is very well researched, organized and thought out, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, I am sharing Erik’s post, with his permission. Please take a few minutes to read the post and drop by his site … I promise it will be time well spent.

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

The Republican Convention is over – but, of course, the arguments will continue. If you watched any of the speeches, especially the gloom ridden rant delivered by Donald Trump, you may be wondering about some of the horrifying statistics thrown around. Is America really in such peril, with such incredibly high unemployment and violence in the streets?

The short answer is no, not at all. We’re at a turning point, as we’ve shown many times. The long Depression which started about the year 2000 is coming to an end. We’re literally at the glass half full stage, for the optimists. It’s fairly easy to argue that it’s half empty if you’re a pessimist. But that’s not nearly good enough for those who want to spin out the gloom and/or doom.

You may run into some of these arguments in social media, a family gathering, or from the cranky guy at…

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11 thoughts on “Countering BS Arguments

  1. Thanks Jill. I like to counter folks who are espousing The Donald’s schtick. what country are you talking about? The one I live in has more than doubled the stock market, had over 75 consecutive months of job growth, has created 10 million plus net jobs, has the 5th (maybe 4th now) longest economic growth period in our history, sold more cars in the US in 2015 ever before, has an unemployment rate of 4.9%, and has a better global reputation than it did when Obama took office in January, 2009. Yes, we have things to work on, no doubt, but we need to remember the facts and not the BS to get elected.

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    • Exactly! I sincerely believe that when history judges President Obama, he will be judged as one of the better presidents, especially as compared to ‘W’. The thought occurred to me last night that the rhetoric of Trump reminds me very much of that of Sen. Joe McCarthy back in the day.

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      • Jill, I agree, but I usually couch him as a pretty good president, to keep folks attention. As for McCarthy, I learned something interesting from Trump’s biographers. They noted Trump knew and admired Roy Cohn. Who is Cohn? He was an advisor to one Senator Joe McCarthy back during the communist witch hunts. Trump learned to sue everybody from Cohn, which accounts for his over 3,000 lawsuits, many of which he was being sued. I find this both interesting and confirmation of why we should not let Trump anywhere near the White House. Keith

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