Idiot of the Week #3 – Ann Coulter

Idiot of the Week medal

I mentioned a week or so ago that people were tumbling into my lap, vying for the highly-prized Idiot of the Week award.  There are so many on my list now that I debate over which deserves the award the most, but as I write this tonight (Saturday night … yes, this is how I spend my Saturday nights, folks), this particular person seems to be shrieking the loudest, yelling “PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!” says she.  So without further ado, allow me to introduce Ms. Ann Coulter!


coulter-6Ann Hart Coulter is an American conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer. She has written eleven books, some of which have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List.  Her first book, High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton (1998) called for the impeachment of then President Bill Clinton. Her fourth book, How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter (2004), sums up her opinion of liberals in two sentences: “Want to make liberals angry? Defend the United States.”  Other books include:

  • Godless: The Church of Liberalism (2006)
  • If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans (2007)
  • Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America (2009)
  • Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America (2011)
  • Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama (2012)
  • Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 — Especially a Republican (2013)
  • Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole (2015)

Do you get the feeling she does not like liberal thinkers or Democrats?  It is a good thing I am not as thin-skinned as Donnie Trump, else my feelings might be hurt and I might have to go hit her, huh? Coulter’s next book is set to release next month, titled In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! 

When possible, I like to let the idiots speak (babble)  for themselves, so I give you, Ms. Ann Coulter:

  • “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.”  Is she related to Phyllis Schlafly?
  • “The backbone of the Democratic Party is a typical fat, implacable welfare recipient.” Hey, wait a minute now … I am neither fat nor a welfare recipient!
  • “People like you caused us to lose that war.” (speaking to a disabled veteran about the Vietnam War)
  • “I’m more of a man than any liberal.”
  • “Most public schools are, at best, nothing but expensive babysitting arrangements, helpfully keeping hoodlums off the street during daylight hours. At worst, they are criminal training labs, where teachers sexually abuse the children between drinking binges and acts of grand larceny.”
  • “I think there should be a literacy test and a poll tax for people to vote.”  Wait, didn’t we try that once?  And didn’t we decide it was highly discriminatory, and thus we banned it?
  • “Canada used to be one of our most loyal friends, and vice versa. I mean, Canada sent troops to Vietnam.”  Do some fact checking, Ms. Coulter – Canada did not send troops to Vietnam!
  • “I have to say I’m all for public flogging. One type of criminal that a public humiliation might work particularly well with are the juvenile delinquents, a lot of whom consider it a badge of honor to be sent to juvenile detention. And it might not be such a cool thing in the ‘hood’ to be flogged publicly.”
  • aargh“I think [women] should be armed but should not vote … women have no capacity to understand how money is earned. They have a lot of ideas on how to spend it … it’s always more money on education, more money on child care, more money on day care.”
  • “There are a lot of bad Republicans; there are no good Democrats.”
  • “I might be in favor of national healthcare if it required all Democrats to get their heads examined.”
  • “She ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab.”
  • “I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am.”  You mean there is somebody stupider than you?

khizr-khanWhich brings us to the one that dropped her in my lap and caused me to award the Idiot of the Week honour to her today.  A gentleman by the name of Khizr Khan, the father of Muslim U.S. war hero who died in combat in Iraq, Captain Humayun Khan, spoke at the Democratic National Convention last week.  Coulter wasted no time before tweeting: “You know what this convention really needed? An angry Muslim with a thick accent like Fareed Zacaria.”  Presumably it was intended as a slur against both Mr. Khan and Fareed Zakaria, whose name she couldn’t even manage to spell correctly. Mr. Zakaria is an esteemed Indian-American journalist for The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and CNN. Even Coulter’s fellow conservatives were horrified by her unfeeling remarks and quickly chastised her.

coulter-5In an interview last week, Ms. Coulter said “If Trump doesn’t win, it’s over. I’ll be writing cookbooks and mysteries. It’ll probably take some talk radio hosts and a certain TV network [Fox News] a while to figure that out. But it’s over.”  We can only hope.  Though I cannot imagine I would eat any dish that came from one of her cookbooks, as I expect she would be cooking up a passel of hatred.

Notice that Ms. Coulter supposedly has a law degree from the University of Michigan Law School, and was an editor of the Michigan Law Review.  Wouldn’t you think that might have required a degree of … intelligence?  Apparently she lost it somewhere on the way to the forum. And so, Ms. Coulter, you have certainly done everything you could to earn Filosofa’s Idiot of the Week award.

25 thoughts on “Idiot of the Week #3 – Ann Coulter

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    • Thanks for that link! Didn’t realize there was a “Coulter Watch” 😀 It almost seems as though nobody bothered to tell her that the war between North and South was over! Or is it??? 🙂


  6. I am so glad my paper does not publish her editorial piece. I read many conservative editorialists, but find her writings to be unsubstantiated and mean spirited. On the antithesis, I think conservative writers like David Brooks, Michael Gerson and Ross Douthat to be much more preferable due to their seeing the world through a less biased lens. Gerson and Brooks have been consistent critics of the bigotry and hatefulness of the GOP nominee.

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    • Yes, I read a few conservative writers, as I think it is important to get all perspectives, but this woman isn’t offering a perspective, she is offering only radical hate. There are some on the liberal side who go beyond what is helpful, also, but I have found none that compare to her.

      I saw this on Facebook today: “Today on Cooking With Ann, Vanilla Frosted America Cake:
      Combine 1 cup each of hate, bitterness, fear, also some flour. Whip together egg whites with 1 quart bigotry. Add 1 tablespoon each Whitey McVanilla and privilege. Add vileness to taste. Pre-heat oven to fascism …”

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      • I do think we serve the greater good by not stooping to her level. My wife and I have an old friend who swears by her. One of the few times, she brought her up in conversation, I simply said “I have read her articles and don’t agree with much of what she says or how she says it.” She at least heard me, whether she approved or not.

        I send select posts to legislators and others and one had the retort to call me a “dingbat.” I thanked him for his support, wished him well and said “I have not been called a dingbat since I was little.” I always respond to civil discourse, but name callers don’t deserve the effort. Keith

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        • You have much more will power than I do , I think. About 90% of the time I am able to respond calmly and even with humour, though I get my point across. But the other 10%, a little creature creeps into my brain and I let loose. Yes, I know that doesn’t help me make my point, but it is somewhat like a pressure cooker that has too much steam built up and has to let it out. I admire your ability to remain calm … I shall work harder on that 🙂 A dingbat, huh?

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          • Yes, a dingbat. He also cc-ed others, which did me a favor, as they may actually read my email to find out why he was calling me a dingbat. As for the willpower, I say the worse responses to myself and in private. Then, I try to keep thinking of better ways to say things. Sometimes, the best response is none, which is not dissimilar to the bravery of Atticus Finch, when the man spit on him. It is the “you are not worth the effort response.”

            By the way, if you want to really unnerve someone say this when it applies, “I understand your points, I just do not agree with them.” Many feel if you only understood, you would agree, so by saying you understand, but still don’t agree is indicting.

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            • I like that … “I understand your points, I just do not agree with them”. Much more effective than a rant! You’ve given me some good tips … I am definitely going to try to implement them. Thanks, Keith!


  7. Pathetic……To coin a phrase….Some people are born brainless, some become brainless and some are just…..brainless….This ‘one’? Well…..don’t know where she ‘falls’…. Hugs!

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