Them Damn Firefighters!


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Glove size?  XXSM

Last week, following the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention, Donald Trump made a comment that now he could “take the gloves off”.  I was confused.  No, I know what the expression means, I just didn’t realize he ever had “the gloves” on!  I couldn’t imagine how he could become any more outrageous, disrespectful, obnoxious, and all those other adjectives that apply to him.  But now I understand.  The goal appears to be to insult, accuse and mock every group of decent people in the U.S., and he has gotten off to a fabulous start just this week!

Not to re-hash that which I have already written about, but briefly: he offended veterans by mocking a vet who gave him his purple heart, he told a lady to leave a rally because her baby was crying, and insulted the parents of a slain war hero who died in Iraq … all just in the past week!. ( Just an aside … does anybody else find it odd that, with all the groups he has managed to insult, he has left the NRA, KKK and other white supremacist groups alone?  Oh wait … they all endorsed him, right? ) But there was more … the firefighters!

fire-1The story starts in Colorado Springs, Colorado last Saturday.  When Trump arrived at his scheduled rally, he found that the capacity per local fire code of the venue he had rented was below that which he wanted.  His own staff had agreed to the capacity and signed the appropriate paperwork well in advance.  Whether his staff failed to communicate the details to Trump, or whether he thought the rules didn’t apply to him, is unknown.  Nonetheless, in his usual fashion he lashed out at Fire Marshall Ben Lacey, calling him “a Hillary person,” and accusing him of being a Democrat and incompetent.  Lacey was recently honored by the city as “Civilian of the Year” for his role in helping the wounded at a 2015 mass shooting at a local Planned Parenthood clinic.  And it happens that Lacey has been a registered Republican since 1993.  Not content to stop there, Trump said the Colorado Springs Fire Department have “no idea what the hell they’re doing,” and called Lacey “disgraceful.”  Perhaps this explains Hillary’s rise in the polls in that state?  But there’s more …

Two days later on Monday, in Columbus, Ohio, the same thing happened.  Trump held a rally at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and, as before, his staff had signed the appropriate documentation agreeing to a maximum capacity of 1,000.  Yet again, either Trump was unaware or, more likely, thought the rules didn’t apply to him, and he began by he accusing the local fire marshal and city officials of being part of a political conspiracy to prevent his supporters from attending the event. “I just want to tell you we’ve had thousands of people outside, thousands. They were turned away—for political reasons—purely for political reasons. They said in this massive building you are not allowed to have any more than 1,000 people. And that is nonsense—we could have had 4, 5, 6,000 people. They have all been turned away. It is a disgrace.”  He later spoke with reporters and said, “The fire marshall said he is not allowed to allow any more even though the building holds many thousands of people. I will just tell you that it is politics at its lowest. You ought to check it out. But it is really politics at its lowest. So that is for political reasons they have been turned away.”

He started his rally with, “I have to tell you, the fire marshal turned away thousands of people. They turned away thousands of people. Look at the size of this place. They turned away thousands. They were given orders that no more than 1,000 people could attend,” Trump told the crowd. “Now, Hillary Clinton. I have a picture here, which is really sad. She had last week, or a couple of days ago, look at it, totally empty. Is the mayor a Democrat over here? That’s what I heard. He ought to be ashamed of himself. They turned away thousands of people. But that makes it better for you, right?” Trump said to the audience. “Nah, it is very sad. You know it shouldn’t be so much about politics, folks. Well, we are going to be a town hall, so we are going to be talking about questions and this and that.”

blue map

Wishful thinking?  Maybe not.

All of his “gloves-off” babbling this week could explain, at least in part, why Hillary is now ahead some 8-14 points in nearly every poll today!  Are there any groups that Trump hasn’t insulted yet?  If so, I hope he finds them and carries on with his gloves off, as it surely is helping Ms. Clinton! An article in Politico (one of the publications he has banned from his rallies) suggested a few groups that he could work on alienating next:

  • Santa Claus: “A totally out-of-control fat guy with an obvious eating disorder breaks into people’s homes and give them free junk? It’s insanity. When I was a kid, Santa treated me very badly. He rarely gave me half of what I deserved. A clown with zero credibility. Should be in prison.”
  • Our Founders: “These people—everyone thinks they’re geniuses. They were disgusting, quite frankly. They didn’t have bathrooms. They didn’t have toilets. They’d sit around in dirty bathtubs once a week with a sponge on a stick. I’ve heard from a lot of people that their hygiene in general was not so great. So they wrote a Constitution? Big deal! Look, there’s nobody who loves the Constitution more than me—Article I, and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and right on down the line. Whatever. But it wasn’t that hard to write, let me tell you. You sit me down with my kids and we come up with the same thing in about 30 seconds, OK? Well, a couple of my kids. Some of them aren’t all that bright, if you get me.”
  • Homeless Shelters: “My limo took a wrong turn to get out of Fifth Avenue traffic the other day, and we passed this real ugly, small, sad building on prime real estate. I mean it was grimy, with a bunch of disheveled people out front with blank looks on their faces. So I ask my chauffeur, ‘Hey, whatever your name is, what’s this pathetic waste of space we’re looking at?’ He told me it was a homeless shelter. Wow! I was amazed. I mean, why do we need those in New York? This is the greatest city in the world. You give me that space—and I’ll have 25-story gleaming towers in place there in two seconds—it will be the most beautiful, amazing building you’ve ever seen. It’s not brain surgery, folks. Enough!”
  • Moms: “The mothers love me—believe me. They love me. But what is it with the mother worship? It’s crazy. My mother did her job—she gave me to the universe. Do I owe her a cut of everything I accomplish for the rest of my life? Do I have to get all teary-eyed whenever someone mentions her name? Let’s cut out the crap about mothers—some of them are very nice people, but overall they ain’t so great. A lot of them are voting for Crooked Hillary, incidentally, which shows you that they have a few screws loose anyway.”

They had more suggestions as well, so click here to see the whole article.

fire-limoI think Trump better hope his limo doesn’t catch fire in either Colorado Springs or Columbus, because I suspect it would take the fire department a while to get to it!  But then, no, they would do the job because they have integrity … a word that is not in Donald Trump’s vocabulary.  Stay tuned, folks … I am betting I will have more in a day or so …

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