hạnh phúc thứ hai

Once again we are confronted with the start of a new week, new and unforeseen challenges and opportunities!  How exciting!  No, my name is NOT Pollyana!  I am merely trying to motivate you all to start the week with positive Zen!

One Gnome’s Grand Adventure!

Speaking of excited … this first story excited me to no end!  Remember the stories I wrote earlier this year about the poor gnomes in Pennsylvania who lost their homes, but then found new homes?  Gnomes Lost Their Homes and Gnomes Found New Homes Well, it turns out that one of those gnomes has been on a grand adventure!  One of the gnomes had been adopted by Bev York of Victoria, British Columbia.  This little gnome loved to play soccer, but one day when he was kicking the ball around in Ms. York’s front yard, he was kidnapped!  Ms. York was beside herself with worry and grief, but there were simply no clues as to the little gnome’s whereabouts.

gnome-2Last month, July 25th to be exact, after an absence of several months, the gnome had magically reappeared! Accompanying the little gnome was a book … a book of his adventures, and boy did he have some adventures!  The kidnappers apparently did not know that the gnome’s name was, in fact, Giovanni, and they decided to call him Leopold.  Sheesh … he’s Italian, not German!  Turns out, though, that Leopold himself may have initiated the ‘gnome-napping’.  The book chronicling his adventures begins, “Hi, my name is Leopold the traveling gnome. One morning I saw a motorhome along Finlayson Arm Road and I thought to myself, there’s got to be more to life than standing here knee-deep in rainwater being peed on by the neighbourhood dogs and staring at the same view every single day.”  Ah, so perhaps a bit of the wanderlust hit little Leopold!

gnome-1Well he traveled from Vancouver to Port Angeles, Washington, before making his way to the Grand Canyon, and then on to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico where he was photographed sipping a huge margarita!  The photo album he brought back is priceless and I am sure the memories of such a fine adventure will last Leopold a lifetime … or at least until he gets hit with that wanderlust again!  Congratulations, Leopold on a fine adventure!

Dumpster Diving on Steriods?


The headline caught my eye immediately:  Here’s Why You Should Pay $125 To Eat In A Dumpster.  Turns out there is a company called Salvage Supperclub which hosts dinners in dumpsters and makes meals from ingredients that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill.  Welcome to “Salvage Supperclub,” where you eat expired food in an actual dumpster. A recent dumpster dinner in San Francisco, for instance, cost $125 per person!  I don’t think I have as much of a problem with dining inside a dumpster as I do with paying what I spend for a week’s worth of food for a single meal!  But it is all for a good cause.


Fried Banana Peel

Salvage Supperclub donates 25% of their profits to organizations that collects food that would otherwise be tossed out from Silicon Valley giants like Google and Airbnb and distributes it to people in need.  The folks at Salvage Supperclub salvage expired and aesthetically imperfect foods that would otherwise be headed for the trash and turn it into fancy dishes like zucchini rolls with white cannellini beans and roasted rosemary, as well as a spicy vermicelli noodle dish. Their purpose is three-fold:  to use foods that, while they may have lost their aesthetic value, are still perfectly edible but would have otherwise been wasted, to raise awareness about food waste, and to help feed the hungry.

Founder Josh Treuhaft opened the first restaurant in New York City in 2014, and has since opened another restaurant in San Francisco.  They even have their own Facebook page . I give a hearty two thumbs up to Mr. Treuhaft and his crew for the good work they are doing!

A Real Frozen Treat!

freezerAn unnamed woman in Goldsboro, North Carolina was in the market for a freezer, but did not want to buy a new one.  As luck would have it, her neighbor, Marcella Lee, was having a yard sale and just happened to have a chest-type freezer for only $30, so she-who-remains-unnamed paid her $30 and was happy to have found such a bargain.  Ms. Lee told the woman that there were some items stored inside the freezer that a local church would be picking up within the week, so the woman would need to wait until then to use the freezer.  Okay, no problem.

footThat week passed … no church people.  Another week, then another, and still no sign of any church people.  She had been told not to open the freezer until after the church people had picked up whatever was inside, but she had, after all, paid $30 for the freezer … she ought to be able to use it, right?  So she peeled off the duct tape and looked inside.  And what, to her amazement, did she see inside that freezer?  Anybody care to guess?  A green sheet and a bag of kitty litter … and … a human foot!  She immediately slammed the lid back down, took a few deep breaths, then thinking it must surely be a fake foot, opened the lid again.  But nope, not only was the foot the real McCoy, but so was the body to which the foot was attached!

Worse yet, the woman thought she recognized the foot as belonging to Marcella Lee’s mother!  Now I ask you, dear readers … would you recognize a neighbor’s foot?  Heck, I probably wouldn’t recognize my own foot, let alone somebody else’s.  Anyway, on with the story.  She immediately called 911 explaining “I have a serious problem. My neighbor sold me a deep freezer. I just opened it and there’s a body in there I think.”  You think???

After an autopsy and an investigation by police, it was confirmed that the body was, in fact, the remains of Marcella Lee’s mother, 75-year-old Arma Ann Roush.  Ms. Roush had apparently suffered a stroke in September 2015 and upon giving the matter some thought, the woman-who-remains-unnamed realized she had not seen Ms. Roush since then.

peasThough there was no indication of foul play and Ms. Roush’ death was ruled ‘natural’, concealing the death of a person is a felony, and disposal of bodies is controlled by state hygiene and environmental laws. As of June, Ms. Lee was still on the lam and police were still seeking her whereabouts.  Let that be a lesson … a freezer of this type can be purchased for between $150-$400 … just go to Best Buy and buy a new one!  The two articles I read about this did not specify, but I am guessing that the woman who bought the freezer decided not to store her bacon and frozen peas in it after all.

Okay, that’s enough macabre humour for a Monday morning!  Now go out and have the happiest Monday you can!  A word of warning … leave the television and radio turned off, and stay off the internet, else it will interfere with all the happiness and good zen I just gave you!



The language of the title is Vietnamese.  Anybody guess it?

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