A Memory from McDonalds

I have heard it said that the art of conversation is lost … gone … a thing of the past. It is easy to believe in today’s world of text messages, online chat, social media conversations with a language all its own. But my blogger-friend Ahmeli quite unexpectedly found a treasure in the unlikeliest of places, McDonald’s! Please take a few moments to read her story … I promise that it will bring a smile to your face and remind you that good people exist … you just have to open your heart, your mind, and take a few minutes to let them into your life. Thank you, Ahmeli, for this uplifting post!


We’ve recently been going through an obstacle course with our vehicle and the latest challenge was getting the windshield replaced after it mysteriously (according to everyone, BUT the dealership) broke from the inside. While sitting inside the glass shop, I decided to take Little One over to McDonalds – a trip we do not even take once a month, but I knew a pancake would pass some time. So, we headed over to McDonalds with the stroller. As I opened the door, an elderly man’s voice bellowed, “Bring that little fella over here.”

Little One and I proceeded over to a table of 3 gentlemen who were having their morning coffee while reflecting on events throughout the country and the world (is this not a staple of every McDonalds in the morning???). The gentleman who summoned us over continued talking, “What’s his name?”

“Little One (

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