Media Bias? Sexism? Or Just Making a Buck?

Am I the only one who wonders why we are still hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails” on a daily basis, yet nothing has been said about Donald Trump’s lawsuits by people claiming to have been scammed by his Trump University?  Or why we still have to hear frequently how Hillary “enabled” Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, but nothing about Trump’s many and public extra-marital affairs?  Or about the Clintons and Whitewater, but little about Trump’s multiple failed businesses?  We still hear accusations that have been proven unfounded that Clinton was single-handedly responsible for the attack on Benghazi, but when is the last time we heard about the discrimination lawsuits brought against Trump in the ‘70s?  Today, we are hearing about Clinton’s charitable donations, yet the scandal of Trump’s failure to live up to his commitment to donate to veterans organizations was a one-day wonder, then it mysteriously went away. There is a glaringly obvious double-standard at play here, and I keep wondering … why?

trump-newsTrump claims that the media treats him horribly, he has banned a number of reputable news organizations from his events, yet much of the dirt surrounding him is swept under the table after brief mention in the press.  Oh sure, they are still talking about his hate-filled rhetoric, his verbal abuse against the Khan family, his threat to ban all Muslims, and some of the utter stupidity that has come, and continues to spew daily out of his mouth.  But other things, actions, lawsuits, alleged abuse of employees and others, those just seem to vanish into thin air, while every possible potential mistake that Hillary might have made is put under the magnifying glass and reported … and reported … and reported.

Thus far, there is no proof that Hillary Clinton has broken the law, but there are mounds of lawsuits that Trump settled that prove he broke the law.  What is the difference?  For a brief moment I wondered if it were a simple matter of gender bias, but I do not believe that.  Yes, gender bias exists, and I am sure that is at least a part of the reason that some blue-collar, white males are Trump supporters.  But I don’t think the difference in the reporting of these two candidates can be chalked up entirely to sexism.

In looking back at my own writing, I think I have found the answer.  Hillary Clinton is a serious candidate who talks about real issues, real problems, and seeks to provide real solutions.  Very good … that is what we all want to hear, right?  Right?  But then … why isn’t the media writing about Hillary’s intelligent speech instead of her damn emails, and instead of Trump’s often incoherent babbling?  Why am I writing about Trump calling people names and encouraging somebody to shoot Clinton instead of writing about Hillary’s policy talk?  I just realized that I wrote about Trump’s economic speech, and another post about his economic advisors, but not a word about Hillary’s.  The answer, friends, is that every time Trump opens his mouth, it is news.  It is news because it is so outrageous that one cannot help being mesmerized by it, reporting on it, writing about it, and re-telling it over and over.

A month or so ago, I swore off writing about Trump. I said it was getting old, was depressing me, and there were better things to write about.  That lasted about two days, as I recall.  So yes, I understand the allure of writing about his gaffes and utterly stupid rhetoric, and I understand that it has more mass appeal and is more fun to write about … it rather has what I like to call the ‘gasp factor’ … it makes you GASP when you hear his latest irreverent remark. And thus, Hillary’s sane and intelligent talks pale in comparison and fade into the background.  I get that part.  But I still do not understand why the mainstream media fails to keep the presses hot with talk of the lawsuit against Trump University for fraud.  When he tried to force the judge to recuse himself, the media covered that for a week or so, and it is still mentioned in passing every now and then.  But the man is being sued for FRAUD, for bilking people, mainly senior citizens, out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and giving them nothing of value in exchange.  That same man is running for president of the country, and it receives a brief mention once a month or so?  At the same time, Hillary Clinton has been officially declared innocent of wrongdoing after an in-depth investigation into her use of a private email server, and that is in the news every day? If Hillary Clinton were being sued for fraud, do you think it would be on the media’s back burner???  I don’t think so for a minute!

trump-clown2The mainstream media is a business just like any other, and they are in business to make money.  “If it bleeds, it leads.”  We, as a nation, have indicated through ratings that what interests us the most are the things with the highest GASP factor, therefore that is what the media will report.  We can find stories about Hillary’s economic plan, her foreign policy initiatives, and her plan to grow the economy, but we will have to dig a bit deeper than the “NBC Nightly News”, or the headlines in the Washington Post, because those will be busy reporting that Donald Trump wants to “punch somebody in the face”.  Yes, we have voted for the types of coverage we want, the kinds of stories we want to see and hear, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves.  It is, indeed, a sad statement that we have made. And I cannot help but think that it is this lust for his clown-like behaviour that put him where he is today … on the campaign trail in the final 3 months of the campaign, rather than back in his office in Trump towers, wheeling and dealing to figure out how to scam somebody else.

7 thoughts on “Media Bias? Sexism? Or Just Making a Buck?

  1. Donald Trump uses the media on an hourly basis. To his detriment, he often makes horrible gaffes that get heightened. He is using the media now, as he says he is “running against the media.” This is the same approach to saying the elections are rigged. I view these as offensive and defensive tactics. His campaign message of “I am rich, I am the smartest and I am winning,” has begun to fade as he starts losing. So, now he appears less smart and, since, he won’t release his tax returns, we have no idea how rich he is.

    So, the offense is to say the media is against me and the system is rigged to garner votes as the outsider. Yet, it is also defensive in that if he loses it cannot be his fault, as it was rigged and the media helped make it rigged.

    Yet, to your point, everything that you need to know about Trump’s lack of veracity as a candidate is in his history and it is not hard to find. He exploits people for money such as evicting them from the homes, stiffing contractors, investors and employees, selling his name to developers to charge more to buyers to the multiple thousands of lawsuits. His portrayal of being the champion of the common man is hard to fathom, since his history shows he cares only about getting his, while others getting theirs is irrelevant.



  2. Sad to say, the media are simply playing to the audience. They want to hear and read about Trump — it’s reality TV. Hillary is a decent, intelligent, strong woman who would make an excellent president. How boring!


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