Goeie Maandagmore !

farmers almanacWelcome to another week!  For those of us in the eastern half of the U.S., the temperatures are predicted to be a welcome 5-10 degrees cooler than the last several weeks, but the bad news is that the Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a more ‘brutal’ winter with heavier than usual snowfall.  No surprise, really, given the hot, humid summer we have had.


I start out the week with arguably the cutest animal on the face of the earth … baby pandas!  You simply must watch   this short (2 min) video!


Pandas are harder to raise in captivity than some other species, and 30 years ago only some 30% survived.  Since then, however, China has successfully unlocked the secrets to breeding these adorable critters and now the survival rate is closer to 90%.  They also found that offering the females a choice of mate as well as enriching panda diets leads to a better chance of successful mating.  (Duh).  There is a short, but informative article about pandas in National Geographic  that I encourage you to read.

A Honeymoon … Apart?

I have never had a honeymoon, as my late husband and I got married by a JP on our lunch hour, then returned to work. Thus, I cannot speak from experience, but I always rather thought the purpose was to go somewhere together soon after the wedding.  One couple in India, however, did things a bit differently and the groom, Faizan Patel, went on the honeymoon while the bride, Sana, stayed home.

Two weeks before the scheduled honeymoon, Sana discovered she had lost her passport and would need to get a new one.  Passports are not generally replaced overnight, and when the departure date arrived, she still had no passport.  So hubby decided to go it alone!  He wasn’t completely thoughtless, however, as he sent her a photo of himself, traveling with Sana’s picture placed over an empty seat.  What a great guy, huh?


All is not lost, however.  Sushma Swaraj, India’s minister of external affairs has stepped in and is trying to expedite the replacement of Sana’s passport, and she hopes to be able to join Faizan for the last few days of their honeymoon.  Suffice it to say that Sana is more … understanding … than I believe I would be.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

29-year-old Mr. Wang was in the hospital waiting room while his wife was undergoing a C-section.  After a long night, he was tired and dozed off briefly, but was awakened by doctors insisting that he come with them.  You might imagine he is nervous, wondering if something unexpected happened to his wife or baby, so he goes along quickly.  Expecting to see his wife when he entered the operating room, instead he was given the order to take off his pants!  He asked why, but was told by the nurse “I told you to take them off, so just do it!” Remember, folks, this is China, so he did as he was told and climbed onto the operating table.  Doctors administered an anesthetic and proceeded to perform hemorrhoid surgery on poor Mr. Wang!

Turns out that Mr. Wang had been mistaken for another patient who was scheduled for the surgery.  Let this be a lesson, folks … it pays to ask questions of your doctor!  They are not infallible!  Anyway, as it happened, Mr. Wang, though he was not aware of it, did in fact have hemorrhoids and so I guess you could say that the surgery was a success, though he was none too happy when he awakened and found himself in too much pain to go see his new baby!

Ms. Wang gave birth to a healthy baby, and the hospital has offered Mr. Wang ¥5,000 (approximately $650) as compensation for their mistake, though no agreement has been made as of 11 August.

Well, folks, that wraps up another Happy Monday post … time to get out there and do our part to make the world a better place!  Smile at somebody today … it will make you both happy!  The language of the title, by the way, is Afrikaans … did anybody guess it?

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