My Saddest Idiot of the Week Award – Rudy Giuliani

Idiot of the Week medalIn the hours, days and weeks following the devastating tragedy of 11 September 2001, aka 9/11, I developed an enormous respect for Rudy Giuliani, then Mayor of New York City.  Never before had a city mayor had to deal with such a traumatic disaster of such epic proportions.  He did so in the most calm, poignant and graceful manner, reassuring New Yorkers around the globe that life would go on, that he was one of us, and that his heart was in the exact same spot as our broken hearts. I thought this man had my undying devotion for life.  So it is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that today I must pronounce him Idiot of the Week.

Since I do not believe in robbing a person of accolades for the good they did, since I still vividly remember sobbing in front of the television and being comforted by seeing Rudy and believing he was one of us, and because 9/11 was very personal for me, I share a few images first of the Rudy I came to love and respect:

But today, Rudy, you seem to have forgotten all about that horrendous day nearly 15 years ago when our world, our security blanket came tumbling down.  That day when our hearts broke into a thousand pieces and we thought you were one of us. But today … today you said, “By the way, under those eight years before Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States. They all started when Clinton and Obama got into office.”  Rudy, President Obama was elected in November 2008, seven years and two months after 9/11.  How could you forget???  How could YOU FORGET????



I do not need to go in search of dumb things Rudy Giuliani has said before, during or after this single quote, as I generally do with Idiot of the Week posts.  I cannot, in fact, do so.  One of my heroes just came crashing down and I find that I neither need nor want to further his demise.  He has done so himself, with a single sentence.  So, here Rudy, please enjoy Filosofa’s Idiot of the Week award.  I hope you know that my Hero of the Century award was far more valuable … it was an award that you had and threw away.

13 thoughts on “My Saddest Idiot of the Week Award – Rudy Giuliani

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  3. Giuliani was the perfect micro-manager style mayor in the aftermath of 9/11. If that event hadn’t happened, he would have been known as the tough prosecutor that cleaned up organized crime and the mayor that cleaned up Times Square. He was (unfortunately) in the right place at the right time and was vaulted onto the world stage. That’s when the cracks started to show. His presidential bid was disastrous. His rantings on Fox News were scary. He showed his true colors like the users on Facebook that find themselves with a free forum to spout nonsense. He should have maintained his status as America’s mayor instead of becoming America’s idiot.

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  4. It’s painful, isn’t it, when you discover your best friend is in the first stages of dementia. I remember reading somewhere that someone who vomits affects those around him, not himself. Rudy Giuliani threw up on himself last week. . 😠

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  5. I share your accolades and concerns. In 2012 and 2016 GOP conventions, he gave two of the worst speeches I have seen in efforts to condemn Clinton and Obama. His tireless advocacy for this apocalyptically bad candidate is not his finest hour.


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