Facts or Feelings?

Our blogger-friend over at Barataria has written a most thought-provoking post in which he attempts to explain the divisiveness in our political ideologies and agendas this election year. As you will read, he proposes that this election is more about facts vs. feelings than other criteria that have dominated previous elections. I urge you to check out this post, which is interesting, thoughtful and provocative. It is guaranteed to make you think! Thanks, Erik!

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Left or right? Democratic or Republican? Progressive or Conservative? These are the choices we supposedly make as we consider our political philosophy – our outlook on the nation and how we vote. It’s one end or the other, with a fair amount of room in the middle for those who see room for both.

But that doesn’t seem to be what divides us politically anymore. The sharpest division seems to run between something like optimism and pessimism, either staying the course with a few tweaks or smashing the system to give room for something totally new to come along. Yet even that doesn’t seem to describe it.

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