It is time to stop rolling those presses, stop whatever you are doing and think about this:  Michele Bachmann, America’s #1 Bimbo is now advising none other than Donald Trump on … wait for it … {drumroll} … FOREIGN POLICY!  The circus that is the 2016 election, the campaign of America’s #1 BOZO, is now complete!  We are no longer a nation-state, respected leader of the free world, we are the Globe’s #1 CIRCUS!  In case you have forgotten how M. Bachmann moved from #2 Bimbo into the #1 slot, here is a link to my March post that will explain the whole thing.


“He [Trump] also recognizes there is a threat around the world, not just here in Minnesota, of radical Islam, I wish our President Obama also understood the threat of radical Islam and took it seriously.”

bach-trumpSHE thinks SHE understands terrorism and the Middle East better than President Obama?????  Where is this woman’s … oh, never mind … I forgot she put her brain away in a place where no light could get to it, then forgot where she put it.  There is a reason she is in the upper echelons of Bimbo-dom!  Bachmann was already a part of Trump’s “evangelical advisory” team, but I didn’t see much harm in that, as it isn’t about anything more than teaching him to “talk nice” to the Christian radical right.  But foreign policy???  That is a bit disconcerting!  No, wait … it is a LOT disconcerting!  Let us think of some of the potential conversations where she would be “advising” da trumpeter:

Trump: Okay, Michele, so now how … how do we get rid … how can we get rid of ISIS?  Because, y’know … I am … I promised the voters … I promised to get rid of ISIS and … I will get rid of ISIS!  Because I am smart and I am rich … so how do we get rid of ISIS?

Bachmann: Well, we need to put shoes on the ground everywhere ISIS exists.  We need to rid the world of terrorism and so we need shoes on the ground everywhere … Europe, uh … Syria … uh … France … everywhere.

Trump: Yeah … we can do that.  We can do that.  Uh … I think you mean ‘boots’ on the ground … see I am smart … I am … I know about boots on the ground and we can … we can do that.  We will just increase … spend more on military.

Bachmann: Great idea, Don.  We just have to stop giving all our money to those lazy people on food stamps and welfare!  Those women on welfare … they need to find husbands to support them.  And get rid of Obamacare so we can spend more and defeat ISIS!

Trump: Yeah, and don’t forget … remember how smart I am … we are gonna bomb the sh%# out of them, too!  Maybe … maybe even use nukes … I mean, why have … why have … what’s the point in having nukes if … if we can’t use them?  I’m eager to try out the nukes!  We’ll try … we’ll try … I’ll try them out on Syria first!

Bachmann: I like the way you think, Don … you

Trump: Uh, Michele … it’s Donald … never call me Don.  I am The Donald … never Don.

Bachmann:  Oh.  Sorry, Don.  Now, as I was saying …

Trump:  Donald.

Bachmann:  OH … silly me!  Sorry, Don … as I was saying, the other thing about ISIS is that you remember I said God has caused most of the terrorist attacks to teach Obama a lesson, so I think it will be easier to get rid of ISIS when YOU are president, because you will have God on your side.

Trump:  Of course … of course I will!  I have a whole team to advise me about God … you … aren’t you on that … yeah, you are on my God advisory board, right … you told me … I remember you told me to mention “2 Corinthians” … right?  I did good with that one, huh?  Or was it … or was it …

bimboWell, I think I have imagined enough of that conversation.  I could carry this one on for hours, but seriously, it is no laughing matter.  When a bimbo is advising a clown, and when the clown already poses a threat to every man, woman and child around the globe, somebody needs to wake up and get the team of “BOZO and Bimbo” out of the political arena and FAST!

There were any number of foreign policy experts, people who spent a lifetime in the State Department, who Trump could have asked for advice, but instead he takes his advice from an airhead who understands next to nothing about international relations, about climate change, the situation in the Middle East, global economies, resource allocation, global terrorism, Russian expansionism, or any of the hundreds of foreign policy issues facing the country every year.  If you were not afraid before, you really better be now!

The reality is that it was Ms. Bachmann who claims to be offering her ‘advice’ to Trump, and as far as I can tell he has not yet verified this, so it may well be another of those figments of her rather wild imagination.  I certainly hope so, for the sake of the planet and its inhabitants!


26 thoughts on “STOP THE PRESSES … !!!

    • I’m not sure, but it would not surprise me! Bimbos abound, idiots abound … they come at me from every direction … AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Surely I will soon awake and find it was only a really bad nightmare, yes?


      • I wonder how he thinks he will keep his “base” if he abandons his racist/xenophobic rhetoric. Next he’ll spin not building a wall. When it comes to politics there isn’t much good/bad…I always say I’d rather have a crook than a fool anyday. No reflection on Hillary…its hard to believe anything they say about her because she has been caught in the Republican Spin Machine.

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              • yeah, its insulting the way he panders to various groups. I see Kellyanne said he has a lot of support in “undercover voters”who are shy about it! I wonder how many women are “secret undercover voters” who tell their husbands they are voting for Trump and then secretly vote for Hillary? That could open up a whole can of worms…. 🙂

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                • If I had a husband …. and if he were a Trump supporter … I would delight in telling him in NO uncertain terms that I will be voting for Clinton! That is if I didn’t toss his butt out the door before November! 😀


                  • those aren’t options for many women. If I had a husband he wouldn’t be a Trump supporter or a Republican! My late husband was fire chief back a few decades, and I was a newspaper reporter…we had some great squabbles over political stuff,. He and I were complete opposites…I am a flaming liberal, always have been, he…wasn’t. 🙂


      • odd that daughter Ivanka and even his wife Melania and assorted exes are not particularly Bimboish. It’s the idiots on the talk circuits…spouting packaged tripe. Fun watching them scramble to keep up LOL Kellyanne isn’t anyone’s fool either I think.

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    • Yes, they rather flip-flop, depending on which one has most recently opened her mouth. Initially, it was Palin, then I felt that Bachman outweighed her … tomorrow? Who knows. Perhaps we should take a poll! Or, perhaps we should just invest in a huge roll of duct tape and shut them both up! 😀


      • I was reading a chart on the greatest presidential campaign liars since the Fact Checking organizations began measuring in 2007. Trump was number 1, but Bachmann was either #2 or #3, which is interesting because she only ran for eight months. I knew of her gaffes, but apparently she was prolific in her untruths.

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  1. One of his challenges is not many capable people are lining up to be on his team. That leaves the remainder. A few months back, my sister in law said she might vote for him as he would hire great people. She no longer says that. This man cannot run a campaign much less a country.

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      • Well there are 120 Republican leaders, 50 security leaders and 70 other GOPers, who are on record as against him. One campaign consultant said even if he wanted to enlist with Trump, his wife would kill him.


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