Armed White Supremacists Protest the NAACP in Houston: Video

The following is a post from fellow-blogger Rob Goldstein. It sends a timely and relevant message about the culture of fear and hate that exists in ever-increasing amounts in our culture today, as a result, primarily, of the rhetoric of one man and his minions. This is an important post, very short, but very relevant. I hope that you will take a few minutes to read the post and leave a comment for Rob to share your thoughts with him.

Art by Rob Goldstein

I found this video of a white supremacist protest on the Bipartisan Report.

The protesters call themselves White Lives Matter.

The spokesperson is one of Donald Trump’s Second Amendment Types; he
claims the flying of the Confederate Flag is about Heritage.

The only people I know of who fly the Confederate Flag are white supremacists.

That’s why I used the term white supremacists in the title of this post.

This is who’s voting for Donald Trump.

Art by Rob Goldstein Found on Twitter via John Moffit

Art by Rob GoldsteinVote as if your life depended on it, because it does!


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9 thoughts on “Armed White Supremacists Protest the NAACP in Houston: Video

  1. Thank you for re-blogging this. I encourage everyone to do so. It’s not just Trump empowering these people to parade in front of the NAACP with their assault weapons and flag of treason. There is an entire ‘news’ outlet
    that caters to their twisted world view.

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    • You just said the key words, my friend … “in his right mind”. Of, put another way, a person of conscience. Either way, these people are obviously neither, but then they support da trumpeter … need I say more?


  2. This is our future under President Trump. I would like to make note, as a transplant in the southern US, how the ‘historic’ confederate flag is alongside the swastika. It’s great to see these two historic flags next to each other. (This would be a great place for a sarcasm emoji)

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