Be Not Afraid of Dark Corners …

The man who has been telling Americans to be afraid … be very afraid … for some 14 months now, apparently is himself afraid.  He has told us to be afraid of Muslims, that they all harbor terrorist ideologies and are as likely to blow us all up as not.  He told us to be afraid of Mexican immigrants who want to take our jobs and leave us all living a life of dire poverty.  He intimates that we must be afraid of Afican-Americans, as the BlackLivesMatter movement is in cahoots to kill police and rob us of protection from the police community.  Can a man who promotes so many phobias, turns them into hatreds, himself be unafraid?  The answer is “no”.  Donald Trump is afraid … he is very afraid.

Donald Trump is afraid of all the above and more. Earlier this year, Donald Trump was so afraid of a woman with a brain (Megyn Kelly) that he reneged on a debate commitment, afraid that she would ask him questions for which he had no answer. He was so afraid of judge Gonzalo Curiel, a well-respected U.S. citizen born in Chicago of Mexican parents, that he tried to force him to recuse himself from Trump’s “Trump University” trial, set to begin in November.  He is so afraid of African-Americans that when he speaks about how his presidency might affect the African-American community, he speaks to audiences comprised almost exclusively of white people.  Donald Trump is so afraid of the media that he has banned some of the most powerful media outlets from his rallies and other events. Donald Trump is so afraid of his political opponent, Hillary Clinton, that he has called for her to be disqualified on the basis of a non-existent health problem, has called for her assassination, and has tried to discredit her in every imaginable way. And finally, Donald Trump is so afraid of anybody who dares to disagree with him that he demands his security team and attendees at his rallies beat them, to forcefully evict anyone who dares to speak a single word against Trump, or to even wear a hat that reads “Clinton”.

What I describe above is more than fear.  It is paranoia.  The difference, you ask?  The difference between fear and paranoia is that fear is a strong emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat while paranoia is a psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution.  I have long said that Trump is a thin-skinned narcissist, and he is that, but more, I now believe he is a delusional psychotic.  He sees danger lurking behind every face, in every dark corner, in every word spoken in disagreement with his own, and his answer is always the same … get rid of it … kill it, beat it, shoot it, stomp it out.

Is this, then, the sort of leader we are seeking?  Is this, then, the man to whom we would entrust our very lives, not to mention the future of our nation and the lives of others all around the globe?  I liken Trump to the late Saddam Hussein, one of the most brutal dictators in modern times.  Saddam reduced Iraq to a claustrophobic police state where a single word of criticism could bring a death sentence. In his arrogance, Mosques, airports, neighborhoods and entire cities were named after him (sound familiar?). His paranoia was such that each of his 20 palaces was kept fully staffed, with meals prepared daily as if he were in residence to disguise his whereabouts. Delicacies like imported lobster were first dispatched to nuclear scientists to be tested for radiation and poison. He was particularly phobic about germs. Even top generals summoned to meet him were often ordered to strip to their underwear and their clothes were then washed, ironed and X-rayed before they could get dressed to see him.

From the time of his capture in December 2003 until his execution in December 2006, Saddam continued to assert that he remained president of Iraq despite being toppled by the United States military and that his power and his palaces would be restored to him in time. When the Iraqi judge referred to him as the “former” president after asking him to identify himself on the first day of his trial for crimes against humanity, Hussein growled “I didn’t say ‘former president,’ I said ‘president,’ and I have rights according to the Constitution, among them immunity from prosecution.” This is the man whom Donald Trump recently praised.

Earlier this month, some 50 former GOP national security advisors and foreign policy experts drafted an open letter whereby they enumerated their concerns over Donald Trump ever becoming president.  They emphatically stated that none of them will be voting for the republican candidate, but instead will be voting for Hillary Clinton.  In part, the letter concludes:

“He is unable or unwilling to separate truth from falsehood. He does not encourage conflicting views. He lacks self-control and acts impetuously. He cannot tolerate personal criticism. He has alarmed our closest allies with his erratic behavior. All of these are dangerous qualities in an individual who aspires to be President and Commander-in-Chief, with command of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.”

I would urge you to read the  entire letter as well as the names and positions of the signatories.  If ever there was doubt in your mind about whether we can afford to allow Trump to win this election, this letter along with the chilling similarities to Saddam Hussein should put that doubt to rest.  This man, quite simply, must not become our next president.

19 thoughts on “Be Not Afraid of Dark Corners …

  1. This weekend there was an article in my (Dutch) newspaper, describing the mechanism used to install fear in people and bully them. The writer referred to Trump, but also put in an example of his personal life: a rental cars guy tried to sell him a (useless) insurance, trying to bullying him into accepting it. When told that the writer already had insurance (from another company) he tried to scare him by telling him that insurance was not valid in their country. Which was a complete lie. But even though he knew this, the writer felt almost compelled to get this second insurance, because the sales guy was painting the consequences in vivid colours. In the end, he resisted and everything was fine. – His point: do not give in to fear, especially if you know in your heart it is all lies what is told.


  2. His history paints a very ugly picture of someone who bullies, cajoles, threatens lawsuits and sues people into submission. His modus operandi is to get his way and if failure looks inevitable, get out and leave the problems for someone else. He will solve an accounts payable problem by hiring attorneys to do his dirty work. The victim will go away without financial recourse or run out of money and time.

    What people don’t realize in the campaign is his lack of veracity as a candidate is baked into his modus operandi. He has had at least 3,500 lawsuits per the USA Today and at least 70 new ones since he announced his campaign. I knew he was a joke of a candidate when he announced, but he is actually far worse than that, per his history. We can ignore his comments and just look at how he operates.

    I think his greatest fear is being discovered for the fraud he is.

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