Til hamingju mánudag!

Okay, friends … yes, it is that time of the week again … time for another Monday.  Grab your coffee and sit down for your Monday morning chuckle before heading out to see just what lovely treats the week holds for you!

panda-pikaYou all know how I LOVE Pandas, right!  Well, good news … the Giant Panda is no longer listed ‘endangered’, but is now downgraded on the list to merely ‘vulnerable’.  No, this does NOT mean that you can go out and shoot a panda, have it stuffed by a taxidermist, then bring it to me to mount on my living room wall or to grace the head of my bed!  It means only that the bears have seen a 17 percent surge in population numbers due to conservation efforts in their native China. The most recent panda census counted 1,864!  Go Pandas!!!


I like pizza.  You like pizza?  I’m not terribly particular, but I do not like the kind that come from the frozen foods section in my local grocery store, and I do not like the mass produced kind that come from some of the chain pizza stores.  (I also do not like, for the benefit of one person, and you know who you are, anchovies on my pizza!) Thus, I do not think I would particularly enjoy a pizza that was “heated for several minutes, placed in a cardboard box and ejected through a slot.”  But … then I am not a college student and apparently they are possessed of somewhat less discerning palates.  The machine, the first of its kind on college campuses in the U.S., resides at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is similar to an ATM machine, except instead of dispensing cash, it takes your cash and gives you a $10 pizza.

dumb-crook2It wasn’t difficult for Louisville, Kentucky police to catch 35-year-old Matthew Stewart of Louisville after he broke into several cars on a local car lot.  Apparently all that work of breaking into cars tired poor Matthew out and he fell asleep in the driver’s seat of one of the cars, with mask and gloves still on.

parking.jpgMy neighbor is terrible at backing into her parking spot.  Every time I see her come home, I cringe.  It usually takes her three tries to get her mini-SUV backed into its spot, and on at least one of those tries, she jumps the curb and ends up with her rear wheels on the sidewalk, a mere few inches from the front of our (connected) townhouses.  But even she has this man beat!  An unidentified 24-year-old man in Austin, Texas, takes the award for bad parking lot driver.  He failed to stop when pulling into a rooftop spot of a nine-story parking garage in Austin, rammed through protection wires and avoided a deadly fall when one wire wrapped around an axle, leaving the car dangling on the building’s side on Friday, 09 September.  After climbing out through the sunroof of his car, then back into the garage, uninjured, he claims that he accidentally mistook the gas for the brake.  A likely story!

And that wraps up your Monday morning chuckle.  Go to work with a smile on your face, a song in your heart, and remember to find a way to make somebody’s day a little bit brighter today!   The title language, by the way, is Icelandic.



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