So Hillary Picked Up A Germ … SO WHAT???

Okay, folks, let us get one thing straight once and for all.  Contracting a germ that turns into pneumonia does not:

  • Make you a bad person
  • Render you forever unfit to hold a political office
  • Indicate that you are a drunkard
  • Mean you did anything wrong

coldAre we clear on this?  I get pneumonia once a year, like clockwork, but it does not render me incapable of doing my work nor does it make me a bad person! When you come in contact with thousands of people every day, it is guaranteed that you will, at some point, contract a germ, a virus, a bacterium … something.  And when you are on the campaign trail, going from city to city, sleeping little and eating sporadically, kissing germy babies, shaking hands with hundreds of people daily, your body gets tired and your immune system becomes weakened.  It is a recipe for a temporary illness, which is what pneumonia is – a temporary illness, usually cured easily with antibiotics, rest, and a healthy diet.  I fully anticipate that Ms. Clinton will be back on the campaign trail next week, if not sooner.

An excerpt from a post by writer Adam-Troy Castro:

“Let us pretend, for the sake of argument, that between now and election day, two things happened.

Let us pretend that, first, Hillary Clinton broke a hip. Let us pretend that for medical-doubletalk reasons it could not be healed or replaced, and that as a result she would have to spend her still-hypothetical Presidency in a wheelchair. Let us further pretend that at the same time Donald Trump finagled himself a dose of the super-soldier syndrome that in Marvel Comics lore turned scrawny but scrappy Steve Rogers into that paragon of physical excellence Captain America, and that his rallies from this point to election day included demonstrations of his ability to better all Olympic records while fighting crime. Let us assume that he could jump straight up and enter buildings from their third-floor windows, and that at one point he defeated a heavily-armed North Korean assassination squad of twenty men by beating the living crap out of them. Okay? Let us assume that. Make him a goddamned superhero, okay?

In such an event, Hillary Clinton would still be more fit for the Presidency than this jackass who doesn’t read books, who thinks he knows more than the Generals, whose business model is not paying his bills, who has defrauded many thousands with enterprises like his bullshit University, who is currently being investigated for bribery and rape and a host of other crimes, and whose strategy is stone ignorance.

I will take a wobbly Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump after a bite from a radioactive spider.”

I could not agree more!

sick-4.jpgSome idiot with a cell phone camera captured video of Ms. Clinton leaving the 9/11 memorial service and it appeared that she stumbled as she was getting into her car.  (Remember, Ms. Clinton was leaving because she was sick … with pneumonia) Said idiot posted the video to Twitter, where it was picked up by Fox News’ blog, and now it is viral among social media users who are claiming that Ms. Clinton was drunk.  Do people truly have nothing better to do with their narrow little lives than this?  Said idiot and anybody who buys into this all belong … wait for it … in that “basket of deplorables”!  Yes, I can say this.  I am not running for office, but am merely an armchair political observer. One with at least half a brain.

And, while we’re on this topic, let us look at the candidates’ respective ages:  Donald Trump is actually older than Hillary Clinton, although only by a year-and-a-half.  Hillary will turn 69 on 26 October, and Donald Trump turned 70 on 14 June.  Ronald Reagan was just a few days shy of 70 when he took the oath of office in 1981, and was nearly 78 when he left office, eight years later.  Though I might hesitate to elect a candidate in his/her 90s, age in itself is not a determining factor.  Look at the candidate’s overall well-being.  Even without their medical reports (and Trump has yet to produce a credible medical report), one can see at a glance that Ms. Clinton is trim, energetic yet calm, and by all appearances, takes care of herself.  Mr. Trump, on the other hand, is overweight, his colouring indicates the likelihood of high blood pressure, and his temperament provides clues to possible mental illness.  Not to mention his bad hair plugs and small hands.  Yes, yes, I have gone off on a tangent.  I’m entitled every now and then. laugh ani2

I remember a political cartoon from Reagan’s presidency.  It showed two firefighters talking, with the White House smoldering in the background.  One fireman said to the other “What do you expect when you put that many candles on a birthday cake?”  While I am not a Reagan fan, he survived his presidency, despite being shot, and despite being nearly 70 years of age when inaugurated the first time.  So, age is not relevant here, folks.

So Hillary has pneumonia.  She will get over it, and the public needs to do so also.  Put it to bed, folks … it is just another non-issue that the right-wingers will use to try to discredit her.  She remains the best qualified candidate for the job, germs or no.


7 thoughts on “So Hillary Picked Up A Germ … SO WHAT???

  1. The woman has pneumonia and yet she soldiers on campaigning. Trump cries when someone asks him a questions or does not like his answer. Clinton is far tougher than Trump. Just picture him for eleven hours in front of Benghazi hearing. He would implode.

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