BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump’s Health Records Revealed!

Today I did not wish to write about da trumpeter. Today I did not wish to write about politics at all. Today I did not wish to write about Erdogan or Putin. Today I wanted to write something light-hearted, humorous. Today I was brain-dead and could not think of anything funny or humorous. I trolled all the usual news outlets … nothing seemed funny. I even went to The Onion. Nothing seemed funny. So, I sighed a deep, mournful sigh and decided I would not write a blog post for this evening. Then I started reading a few of the blogs I follow and … I heard a strange sound. What was that noise? There it was again … a raspy sort of gurgle … coming from somewhere just below my head … AHA!!! It was a chuckle! As I continued to read, the chuckle became a bubbling laugh and before I knew it I was choking on my coffee! And so, today I will not write something funny … instead I am sharing this hilarious post from fellow-blogger zag102! I know you will enjoy it … please drop zag a comment and let him know how you liked it! I shall return with more of … whatever … tomorrow, assuming my brain returns to a functional state. ENJOY!

The Takaho Post

Donald Trump Doctor’s Report

The following is an unaltered leak of Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s most recent health evaluation. The information has been transposed unaltered. Personal information like social security numbers and anything regarding the source or physician have been removed as none of that information is relevant to the public

Here are the shocking details of Donald Trump’s health report:

  • Basic Information

Patient: Donald Jinglebell Trump

Age: 70

Height: 6’2″

Weight: Patient refused to get on the scale. Claims to be 175 lbs and able to swim faster than Michael Phelps. Insists “everybody says so.” Both are unlikely.

Insurance Provider: Trump Foundation? (Look into that, not aware)

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump’s Health Records Revealed!

  1. Not surprised at all…did not expect to be forthcoming…..which, in itself beggars belief…..The World is assumed to be ‘fools’….apart from the ‘Trumpeteers’…. 😁😁 Hugs!

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