On The Connection Between Guns And Idiots

Some days the world and its occupants amaze me … and not necessarily in a good way.  Today’s topic would not have been my first choice, but in the past few days there have been at least three news items that smacked my sensibilities and so … sigh … here we go.

First up … the teacher who left her loaded gun in the school bathroom in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

gun-idiot-1A teacher at a Christian school accidently left her loaded pistol in a bathroom, where elementary school children found it, state police said Tuesday.

Beth Jean Dixon, 63, put her holstered pistol on a toilet tank when she used the unisex, one-toilet bathroom Aug. 25 at Cumberland Christian School, in Chambersburg, police said. They said she forgot about it and left.

Four children, ages 6 to 8, used the bathroom while the gun was on the toilet. One child told his parent, who told a teacher.

Dixon informed administrators of what happened and immediately resigned from the school, police said.

Dixon has been charged with crimes including reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of children.

No one was injured. – The Associated Press, 13 September 2016

Can somebody please explain to me why it is necessary for a teacher in an elementary school to even bring a gun to work, let alone take it to the bathroom with her???

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Next on our list is Mr. Jim Cooley of Winder, Georgia.  Mr. Cooley is an idiot extraordinaire, and not just because of his t-shirt.


This is a picture of Jim Cooley getting ready for his trip to Wal-Mart to buy soda.  Mr. Cooley even carried his AR-15, fully loaded with a 100-round drum through parts of the Atlanta airport terminal. Remember the old American Express advertisement “Don’t leave home without it”?  Cooley applies that logic to his guns.  Not only does he carry his semi-automatic rifle literally everywhere he goes, but wears it slung over his shoulder, prominently displayed.  He was once arrested when he carried his .380 outside a school board meeting, He insisted that his wife, Maria, also purchase and carry a gun.  He has two four-inch knives inside his car’s ­passenger-side door. His van is equipped with five security cameras.  There are seven security cameras around the perimeter of his house.  Before the aforementioned trip to Wal-Mart, Cooley asks his wife to send a Facebook message to a local deputy, informing him that he is going to Wal-Mart and wearing his AR-15, so that if anybody calls the police, they will know it is him and disregard the call.

Why???  What does Mr. Cooley fear so damn much?  Does he live in a mansion?  Is he wealthy, that he can spend thousands of dollars on security equipment and weapons?  No.  Cooley, in fact, is in the process of having his home foreclosed on, has not worked since 2008, and the family’s only income is from his wife’s third shift job assembling air-compressors at a local factory. His AR-15 alone cost $579 of his wife’s hard-earned money!

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And last but not least, we have this from Bozo the Clown who just this week said:

“She [Hillary Clinton] goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before. I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm. Right? Right? I think they should disarm immediately. What do you think? Yes? Yes. Yeah. Take their guns away. She doesn’t want guns. … Let’s see what happens to her. Take their guns away, okay? It would be very dangerous.”


  • Hillary Clinton has never … I repeat, NEVER … said she wants or intends to ban or abolish guns in the hands of private citizens.
  • Clinton, as a candidate, is afforded the same protection by the Secret Service as is Donald Trump.
  • Trump has made similar comments in the past, in addition to his recent comment implying that “second Amendment people” might be the only ones who could stop Clinton from appointing liberal judges.

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I would ask the citizens … all citizens … of this nation three questions:

  1. Are you comfortable sending your child to school each day, knowing that teachers and administrators are carrying guns?
  2. Are you comfortable walking into a Wal-Mart, Kroger or Target store and seeing a customer with an assault weapon slung over his shoulder?
  3. Are you comfortable with a presidential candidate who stops just one small step short of asking somebody to shoot and kill his opponent?

If you are, if you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then I, frankly, am not comfortable living in the same city, the same nation, or even on the same planet as you!

8 thoughts on “On The Connection Between Guns And Idiots

  1. “Mr. Cooley is an idiot extraordinaire, and not just because of his t-shirt.” This was funny. By the end though, Jim Cooley was just repulsive. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t take care of his family. Goes around wielding a weapon just because he can!

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