A Distant Rumble – Trump’s Lies Finally Catching Up With Him

freight-trainThe rumble of a freight train can be heard from a great distance.  The rumble grows louder by stages and as the train passes within mere feet of the observer, it is no longer a rumble, but a deafening roar.  Yesterday, Sunday 25 September, a record was set.  For most, it probably went unnoticed, much as the rumble of a distant train.  But I think … I hope … the train will continue to gain momentum and will soon become a deafening roar that all must hear, that none can ignore.

For far too long, the media have let Donald Trump’s lies slide by, occasionally questioning him, but rarely making his falsehoods, deceptions and distortions the subject of intense scrutiny.  Yesterday, however, that all changed.

“In a normal election year this would be extraordinary. On Sunday editors and reporters at the newsrooms used another word: necessary.

The New York Times story — “A Week of Whoppers” — came out first on Saturday. Politico, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times all followed within hours.

Overall, the news outlet counted 87 “misstatements, exaggerations, falsehoods” from Trump and eight from Clinton.

Several of the editors who were involved said the timing was a coincidence. But there was clearly a desire to publish stories before Monday’s debate, when Trump and Clinton’s truthfulness will surely be at issue.” Brian Stelter, CNN Money, 25 September 2016

I included the link to each of the four stories below, and also to Brian Stelter’s CNN Money story … I strongly urge you to read the CNN Money story, if no other, as it sums up the data of all four.

The headlines read:

  • A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump – Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns, New York Times  (read here)
  • Donald Trump’s Week of Misrepresentations, Exaggerations and Half-Truths; POLITICO fact-checked both candidates for a week. This is what we found. – Kyle Cheney & 4 others, Politico  (read here)
  • Trump’s week reveals bleak view, dubious statements in ‘alternative universe’ – Michael Kranish & 2 others, The Washington Post  (read here)
  • Scope of Trump’s falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate – Michael Finnegan, Lost Angeles Times  (read here)

The Trump camp, of course, had a response to the stories:

“I really don’t appreciate the campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact-checkers,” said campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

Really?  I thought that to report the truth was precisely the role of the media!

I heard the rumble last night and I did a happy dance with a tear in my eye, thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, the major media outlets have come out from under the spell cast by the evil clown and are seeing the light.  Yes, I know, time will tell, but still … I see a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel and for once, I HOPE it is a freight train!

All four media outlets have said the timing of the four articles is coincidental, that they simply felt it was important to get this message out prior to the debate. Have they finally found a conscience?  New York Times political editor, Carolyn Ryan, notes that the day Trump sought to reverse himself on the issue of President Obama’s birthplace was the turning point for the media. Apparently his lies that day, trying to say Hillary Clinton was the force behind ‘birtherism’ and that he had known Obama was born in the U.S. since 2011, were so blatant that even the media could no longer ignore them.

I send two thumbs up and a ‘hats off’ to the four above-named media outlets.  Keep up the good work!  This is what journalism, a free press, should be about!

two thumbs.png

6 thoughts on “A Distant Rumble – Trump’s Lies Finally Catching Up With Him

  1. I agree with Keith. It’s about time. Further, Trump’s minions really don’t really care. They lie themselves and seem to enjoy it (judging form some of the interviews of his “supporters”). The debates may shake a few loose from the fences, but most have their tiny minds made up. But it is a hopeful sign. I agree.


  2. It is about time and may be too late. What I would say to Kellyanne Conway are four things. First, a thriving democracy depends on an informed electorate and the role of the media is crucial. Second, we are the most uninformed citizenry in the first world and maybe less than others – this is a key reason Trump can get away with lying. Third, Conway is now lying like Trump, so her reputation is now poor, in my view. Fourth, Trump’s lack of veracity lies in his history of exploiting people, which he does on a daily basis. This is where the focus should be.

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