The Morning After …

I write my a.m. posts the afternoon/evening before … sometimes even sooner.  Sadly, as I am attempting to write this, trolling through the news on all my usual trusted sites, the only news is non-news.  The only news are headlines such as :

  • 5 things to watch at the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
  • Trump’s reference to Bill Clinton affair underscores his own history of infidelity
  • What to Expect in First Debate as Polls Show Dead Heat
  • 11 Debate Possibilities That Should Worry the Campaigns
  • Green Party nominee escorted off debate premises
  • Five things Lester Holt needs to ask Donald Trump

Well, you get the picture.  I have said all I plan to say about the debate until it actually takes place!  I do not wish to write about “what to watch for” or “who will say/do what”, especially considering this post will go out the morning after the event!  And I am still working on a post about Ms. Clinton’s platform on K-12 education which is much more involved than I originally intended, and with the debate looming, my focus seems to be wandering, so I wasn’t motivated to complete that for this morning’s post.  So, instead, I have gone in search of … cartoons!  Who doesn’t love a good political cartoon?




Bruce Plante Cartoon: Adjustments to the next debate











5 thoughts on “The Morning After …

  1. Only saw the highlights and summaries. He handled the birther issue, tax returns and climate change issues poorly. How can someone say they never said that when there is so much evidence to the contrary? And, why would you bring up Rosie O’Donnell’s name as deserving of criticism? DT labels everyone who says bad things about him, which reveal his true temperament. Apparently his best moments were early on with trade agreements, etc, but he waned and got well off message. Plus, he interrupted 13 times. That is rude in my book.

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  2. Dear Jill, I love the cartoons. I did watch a lot of the rerun of the debate on C-Span last night but unfortunately, I fell asleep. Fortunately C-Span will run it again. I already knew from the punditry world that she did great. It looks like he is the one with stamina problems.

    Hugs, Gronda


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